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In previous centuries, going overseas was considered as an uncommon and exotic event. There were many hardships in traveling from one country to another. Therefore, there was minimal contact between people from different backgrounds. Nowadays, this picture has changed due to comfortable and cheaper means of transportation. This has resulted into strong and frequent connection between people from various countries. This situation reflects on the increasing rates of international marriage and divorce.

The issue of marital unions and dissolution at global level is interesting, and equally complicated. The social and cultural norms of every country are different from that of another. Also, the legal rules and regulations will vary drastically. Therefore, it is very important to know about the legal provisions in family laws of different nations if you are opting for this type of nuptial relation.

International Divorce

Throughout the world, the actual practices of courts as well as divorce laws vary. The most vital decision is regarding selection of the best forum. There are many types of requirements that are to be fulfilled before the court procedure. Also, the partners are expected to comply with the respective residency conditions. There is one organization called as "International family law counsel" which assists people regarding the following aspects:

Selection of a forum

As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to choose the country where the case is to be filed. That is known as the selection of court that will supervise the dissolution procedure. Afterwards, the counsel will determine the jurisdictions that are available regarding the following topics:

  • Spousal support: It is kind of maintenance provided by a spouse who is economically better off than the other.
  • Child support: It is monitory obligation on parents to provide for the needs and educational demands of their children.
  • Child custody: The minor children are kept under the guardianship of one or both parents till they attain the age of maturity.
  • Personal property: The separate assets owned by a spouse before wedlock.= are not considered in the division.
  • Marital property: It is the value of total holdings of the couple that is divided between them post dissolution.
Further, the counsel is expected to find out laws that are applied in each selected jurisdiction. Thereby, he/she should be able to make predictions about the outcomes of the topics in the divorce case.

Advice of the counsel

The counsel will study all the factors mentioned above. It will provide legal guidance to the person regarding the following concern:

  • Seeking injunctive relief immediately
  • Filing suit immediately
  • Removing his/her assets
  • Transferring the children to another nation
  • Relocating
Other relevant topics

Some other issues managed by this authorized committee are:

  • Handling appeals
  • Preparation for trials
  • Providing a response to discovery requests
  • Taking discovery
  • Coordination for factual investigations

International Marriage

The marital union in which two different national citizens are involved, will be termed as an "international marriage." Some points regarding this type of marital relationships in the Unites States are:

  • American consular officers have the authority to authenticate documents.
  • The authenticity of marital unions performed outside the US depends upon the legal constitution of the country where the ceremony was performed and has been observed.
  • It is a rule not to perform ceremonies within the premises of an American embassy or consulate.
  • Let us consider that a couple has married abroad and then settled in some state in the US. The validity can be checked with the authority in the residential state in the US. Usually, it is observed that if a registration is legally performed and valid abroad, then it is recognized as legally valid in the US.
  • American embassies located in foreign lands often have data pertaining to the marital unions of Americans in the respective country. However, the best source of information is the tourist information bureau or embassy of that country.
  • Several countries demand the following documents to complete a marriage:
    • A valid US passport
    • Birth certificates
    • Divorce decrees
    • Death certificates, if the previous marital relationship was terminated due to the death of partner.
Some nations demand that the above documents must be authenticated by an official in the United States. Further, they may be presented to the registrar in the nation.

Hence, the partners belonging to two different countries must ponder over all the aspects of international marriage and divorce. For a detailed advise, they may take help of the lawyers in the respective countries.

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