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Some of the methods to undergo a low cost divorce have been detailed below.

  • The person seeking divorce can opt for a 'pro se divorce.' One method is to start a 'do it yourself divorce.' Another method is to approach agents in the county government or in the legal system that would help this person in filing of the paperwork

  • Prior to the pretrial hearing, both the partners seeking divorce must collect all the relevant paperwork and attend all the mandatory classes. Due to this, these partners need to appear in court frequently to raise the expenses of the divorce

  • Some people have assets worth 200 USD and spend 2000 USD in an attempt to procure it. Hence, it is advisable to make a list of all the assets and decide their present worth. This method is very useful as it is possible for both partners to sit together and amicably distribute the assets

  • If both the partners seeking divorce want to ascertain a low cost divorce, they must make it a point to agree with each other, at least on the important issues in the divorce. A specific case is as follows. If these two are in a community state, it is obvious that each would get 50 percent of the assets. So, they can distribute the property amongst themselves, instead of the judge making the distribution

  • Once the partners have reached an agreement, they must produce it in written form. Thereafter, they must continue open communication with one another as well as the children. While doing so, they must be open to changes. The parents must never use the children as a messenger between them

  • As far as child custody is concerned, the present scenario is such that most frequently 'joint custody' is selected. This implies that both parents have the right to take decisions regarding the child. However, the child has primary residence with only one parent

  • Some persons hire a flat fee attorney to minimize the legal costs

  • If one spouse desires something from the other, he/she should ask it directly. If both agree regarding the deal, they must produce it in written form. In case of any dispute, both must avoid approaching the court immediately. This can raise the expenses of the divorce

  • When there are disputes regarding custody, assets etc, it is wise to hire a mediator. This step is a low cost alternative that is also useful if any partner was receiving royalties or money from other settlements or doing any business

  • The partners should educate themselves about the divorce laws in their state. Both must maintain honesty about their income or else it would lead to considerable grief later

Here is a topic associated with low cost divorce:

  • Low Cost Divorce Attorneys - If an individual can classify himself/herself as 'indigent', he/she is eligible for low cost legal services

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