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The financial status of an individual decides whether he/she is eligible for free legal services. As per the federal or state guidelines, some people can be classified as 'indigent.' Such people are entitled to be represented by a public defender. If a person thinks that he/she might qualify for 'indigent' classification and he/she needs financial assistance to get legal representation, he/she should approach pro bono and legal service organizations in the neighborhood. In divorce as well as landlord-tenant cases, individuals having low income can qualify for free representation.

Hourly Rates of Low Cost Divorce Attorneys

The most common method by which a lawyer charges fees is by 'hourly rates.' This rate is multiplied by the total number of hours, for which the lawyer has worked on the case till it is resolved. This results in the total bill. This hourly rate is dependent on the following factors.

  • The experience of the lawyer
  • The operating costs
  • The location of the lawyer's practice

A client must bear in mind that a lawyer, who has a low hourly rate is not essentially better. Another lawyer, who has more rates, may solve the problem in less time and the results may be less overall bill. It is a fact that more the experience of the lawyer, he/she will be able to estimate in a better manner, the number of lawyer hours necessary to solve a particular issue.

The following rates are applicable to 2009 - 2010. They can be used to get a rough idea of the scenario.

The experienced attorneys in small towns and rural areas usually charge 100 to 200 USD per hour. Those in major metropolitan regions generally levy 200 to 400 USD per hour. If an attorney has expertise in specialized areas, then he/she would obviously have a higher rate. In a nutshell, the legal fees extend from 50 to 1,000 USD per hour.

Apart from the lawyer, the client may be charged for the time of paralegals and other support staff. A good paralegal is worth 50 to 100 USD per hour. A legal secretary may prepare a bill at 25 to 50 USD per hour.

Low Cost Divorce Attorneys Services

  • There are some organizations that provide prepaid legal plans to its members. These plans may be inclusive of a 'no cost' or low cost consultation of attorneys. Some uncontested divorces are completed at very low costs
  • Individuals should confirm whether his/her liability insurance policy mentions the following
    • The insurance company would pay the fees of the lawyer who defends the individual in the lawsuit
    • The policy comprises of coverage for lawyer fees
  • Some advocacy or rights groups desire to become involved in individual cases. For instance, an individual may want to challenge an unlawful attack on the civil liberties or his/her right to free speech. Consequently, the American Civil Liberties Union may desire to get involved in this case
  • If any divorce case is work related, this person must speak with the union representative. There are several unions who offer free legal services to their members

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