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Marriage is a term used to describe the social and legal union of two individuals. A marriage of two individuals can be arranged by their family or the couple in a relationship who might have thought of taking their relationship further and proving their commitments towards each other. There may be several reasons for two individuals to get married such family obligations, protection of children from the relationship, making a legal commitment, arranged marriage, religious reasons, pear pressure, legal protection etc. Once a couple is married they are bonded by legal obligations. If the married couple want to move apart and live separately, then they can live separately but they are still considered as husband and wife until they get a divorce. Nowadays, marriage and divorce are two common terms that are linked together, as most of the marriages in the U.S.A. end in divorce.

In the U.S.A., more than 90 percent of the population marries before their 50th birthday. A healthy marriage is conducive not only for the physical and mental health of the couple but also their children. A content home ensures proper social and educational progress of the children. Most marriages take place with the consent of the couple, when they decide to spend the rest of their lives together. A marriage can work if both the partners respect each other and take necessary efforts to make the marriage work. Once the married couple have kids, they are responsible for their well-being.

Divorce is the legal term used to refer to end of marriage. There are several reasons for which the couple or one of the partners might decide to end their marriage. The reasons may vary from irreconcilable differences to domestic violence. In the U.S.A, approximately 40 to 50 percent married couples opt for divorce. For subsequent marriages, the divorce rate is still more. During the divorce proceedings the divorcing partners need to bear financial and emotional stress. They need to resolve several issues related to children, property, assets, and liabilities. As per the divorce laws in different states the acceptable grounds for divorce vary. The person filing for a divorce needs to file the papers under any of the acceptable grounds of that particular state.

Divorce is different from legal separation and annulment. When the couple opts for legal separation, they can live separately but they are still considered as a married couple. They cannot get married again. To regain the single status, they need to get a divorce. During divorce various issues are sorted out such as alimony, property division, debt division, child custody (if the couple have children from this marriage) etc. Divorce is different from annulment. In annulment, it is considered as if the marriage never took place.

It has been observed that individuals opt for divorce for genuine reasons. Twenty to thirty percent of divorces are due to domestic violence. Divorced and separated women are 14 times likely to reveal that their ex-husbands exhibited violent behavior with them. The other reasons of divorce are drug abuse, alcohol consumption, irreconcilable differences, felony conviction, confinement for certain duration in a mental hospital, abandonment, and infidelity. However, there are some couples who use the provision of 'no fault divorces'. In some of these cases, the couple is aware of the problem between them, but they mutually agree not to disclose it. Some states accept only no fault divorce as the ground for divorce. This ground help to reduce the financial burden that the divorcing couple has to bear during the proceeding of the divorce.

The divorce may be granted as per the grounds acceptable in the state where the person files for divorce. As per recent analysis, major reasons for divorce have been noted. Lack of commitment and infidelity are one of the major reasons for divorce. Over the period of time, differences may grow between the married couple and one or both the partners may have an extramarital affair. Lack of communication is growing between married couple as life has become demanding. While balancing different aspects of married life, one may end up not communicating their concerns with their partner, leading to misunderstanding which might further grow up into arguments. Alcohol or substance abuse is another noted reason as the cause for divorce. With growing stress and demand of life people tend to get addicted to alcohol or drugs. Such behavior causes several set back in married life. Nowadays, people are more obsessed about career goals. During the course of marriage, if the couple feels that their personal and professional goals do not match, it may lead to divorce. Sexual, physical, and emotional abuse is unacceptable, as marriage is a sacred bond and no one is allowed to bear any such insane behavior. The person bearing sexual, physical or emotional abuse opts for a divorce.

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