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Mexico had been a popular destination amongst the United States residents for getting a cheaper and quicker divorce. Unlike the complex legalities and long durations for dissolution in many states in the United States, this country offers a clear and faster process for marital disintegration. However, since 1970's, the Mexican government has put the residency conditions on the foreign people who want to have dissolution process in this country.

Every state in Mexico has outlined its own procedures regarding marriage and divorce. If a couple plans to get married in this country, they can avail all the information after contacting the Civil Registry Office in the related jurisdiction. This office is called "Oficina del Registro Civil". If a marital involvement that has taken place hereis considered legal in the United States, then it is valid in the United States.

Only those people who are residents of Mexico can obtain a dissolution in this country. Such spouse have to live in this nation for a minimum of 6 months before making an application. After this stay, the person can attain a lawyer in the region who has experience of the legal procedures.

Marriage in Mexico

  • Only civil marriage is acknowledged as legal in this country
  • The Civil Registry (Registro Civil) performs civil marriages
  • The Civil Registry charges a fee to perform a registration in its office
  • If a ceremony is performed at a place other than the office of the Civil Registry, then this Registry must confirm that the required fees has been paid.
  • US citizens are not permitted to marry in the premises of the U.S. Consulate General
  • American consular officers do not have the right to perform marriages
  • U.S. citizens or any other foreigners do not have to fulfill any residency requirements. However, they have to present their tourist cards as an identification.
  • The couples interested in getting married must submit a written application at the office of the Civil Registry

    • This application comprises of a statement indicating whether they opt for separate or joint property system
    • There must also be a certificate from a doctor in this country that mentions that both the partners do not have any disease that may be a hurdle to the the relation. It is mandatory to have X rays and a blood test. All these certificates must be dated not more than 15 days prior to the date of registration.

  • If any applicant is less than 18 years of age, he / she can marry only with the consent of the legal guardians or parents.
  • Divorced individuals are not permitted to marry in this country unless one year has passed since the completion of the process. The completion of such period should be proved by submitting the essential documents.

Divorce process in Mexico country

Because of the simpler procedures, many couples chose Mexico as the place to file and obtain dissolution Due to the increasing number of spouses, many fraudulent practices were started in some states of Mexico. Thus, the "Mexican Nationality and Naturalization Act" that was proposed in 1970, introduced some strict amendments to prevent bogus marriages and separations.

  • Changes were made to the "Mexican Nationality and Naturalization Law" on 7th March 1971. The amended laws made it clear that a person must be a resident of this country prior to applying for divorce. This person must have a certificate granted by "Secretaria de Gobernacion" (Interior Department) that ascertains that he / she has legal citizenship of this nation.
  • In the Republic of Mexico, the laws alter slightly from one state to another. There is no Mexican Government consulate in Federal District or any state that issues a printed brochure comprising these laws.
  • The US Embassy does not have a compilation of these state laws. Government officers are restricted to act as legal assistants or to disclose the laws to any interrogating individual. Also, they can not provide any kind of actual legal help to the US residents in the matter of legal requirements.
  • When a person gets a decree in this country, this person should procure a certified copy of the decree. Further, this copy must be authenticated by appropriate Mexican Government authorities like

    • Executive Director of Government (Official Mayor de Gobierno)
    • Secretary General of Government of the State (Secretario General de Gobierno del Estado)
    • Governor (Gobernador)

The divorce in Mexico is handled by the state laws. Thus, it is very necessary to get acquainted with the rules and regulations that are to be followed during a legal procedure. The non-residents can approach for a legal help offered by lawyers and attorneys in this country. By using available resources such as Internet and other facilities, a alien can acquire the proper information on marriage and divorce in Mexico.

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