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Marriage and divorce records play an important role in a person's life. They serve as a proof of the social status of the society. They are acquired through various kinds of documents. Usually, these documents comprises of certificates, registration forms, statements provided at the time of tying a knot or braking a marital bond.

These papers can be obtained by requesting for them in the concerned court. The other option is to get them from the Internet. There are some websites that offer related to the legal proceedings. In these, one has to enter, the first name, the last name with details of residing state of an individual. In return, the person gets a sample report.

Another method is to access e-Books. These can be downloaded in a matter of minutes if a standard 56 KB modem is used. The payment can be done through American Express or Visa / MC.

Marriage and Divorce Records Information Related to Divorce

These papers are of two types as follows -

The court Decree

  • The court prepares this document which the judge signs. It comprises of terms and conditions of the court order
  • It is filed with the county clerk of the county in which the court had issued the decree
  • If one intends to obtain a copy of this decree, one should contact the appropriate county clerk

Divorce Certificate

  • This documents comprises of basic information about the couple as well as the place and date where the marital alliance was terminated.
  • The following individuals are eligible to have a copy of this document
    • The wife
    • The husband
    • Other people who have a state order
  • One of the following methods can be used to obtain a copy
    • By mail
    • By telephone
    • By internet
  • The applicant must have the following identification requirements
    • The applicant's name with full address
      • Letter from a government agency
      • Telephone or utility bills
    • Valid Photo ID
      • US military issued photo ID
      • Passport
      • State issued non driver photo ID
      • Driver license
  • While requesting for a copy, certain amount must be paid as fee
Importance of Divorce Records

All kinds of these papers are to be managed with great care as they contain evidences about the court case. But, the most important of all is the final decree as it is a legal order that establishes an end of marital union. Without submission of this record, no person is allowed to re-marry. Also, the document serves as a proof in future cases against the partner, if any.

Marriage and Divorce Records Information Related to Marriage

A document related to marital registration consists of some or all of the following points

  • Full names of bride and groom.
  • The date of tying a knot.
  • County wherein the registration took place.
  • Names, birthplaces of the parents of the bride as well as the groom.
  • The residential details of the spouses
  • Data regarding previous marital relations, if any.
  • The identification details of the witnesses present.

In order to procure a copy of the marriage license, one must approach the statistics departmental office in area or state where the wedding took place. The next step is to write a letter to this office requesting for the copy.

This letter must have the following information -

  • The following information
    • Full name of wife (maiden name in Caps)
    • Full name of husband (last name in Caps)
    • Date of request
    • Place of registration( City / Town, County, State)
    • Date of wedlock
    • Relationship to the parties
    • The reason for requesting a copy
    • The name and address of the requester
    • The driver's license number
    • The signature of the requester
  • The letter must be accompanied by S.A.S.E.
  • Print or Type all names with addresses in the letter
  • Do not include confusing details about the family lines
  • In one letter, there should be only one request
  • The letter must be concise that is to the point

Importance of Marriage Records

Getting into a wedlock is private matter in any individual's life. But, it is considered as a legal matter by the state. Therefore, registration of the marital relationship is necessary to obtain legal rights. A certificate is required at the time of disputes related to property or children, if any. Also, these records award the legitimacy to the children.

This is the necessary information related to the marriage and divorce records, which may prove useful for all spouses.

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