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People usually go for divorce when they do not find any possible ways to resolve their marital issues with their respective partner. Divorce is basically a process that provides legal breakdown to a particular marriage. From the past several decades, it has been noticed that more than fifty percent of marriages end up in a divorce in most of the states in the US. Alaska is one of those states where fault and no fault divorce, both are granted on the basis of circumstances between both the spouses. If a no fault divorce in this state is contested, then the court adheres to the state statutes while taking decisions regarding property distribution, child custody, alimony etc. However, if the divorce is uncontested, the court demands that all the details of these issues must be furnished along with the petition. However, no fault divorce is quite common in Alaska. In a no fault divorce either of the two partners can easily file a divorce case by mentioning the specific and suitable grounds of their divorce case. Before filing a no fault divorce in Alaska, it is highly important to be aware of all valid grounds and essential requirements associated with it. As a result, here we are focused to provide you detailed information regarding no fault divorce procedure that specifically occurs in Alaska state.

Residency requirements of Alaska No Fault Divorce

One or both of the divorcing partners must be a resident of Alaska. No duration of residency has been specified. It is indicated that at the time of filing the divorce, minimum one divorcing partner must reside in this state. However, if children are also involved in the case, then the court judges must ensure that specified condition should be fulfilled by both the parties. The condition is that the child should live in Alaska for a continuous period of six months. However, even if the child is residing in the state right from the time of filing a petition in the court, such condition can easily be taken into consideration by the court.

Grounds for Alaska No Fault Divorce

  • If the temperaments of the divorcing partners are so incompatible that the marriage has irretrievably broken down, this can be considered as a ground for this sort of divorce
  • There must not be any possibility that the divorcing partners would get along together
  • Also, it must not be in the best interests of the divorcing partners to ask them to live along with each other

The statute 25.24.050 of the no fault divorce laws of this state accepts the above mentioned ground of divorce.


  • The venue of filing the divorce is the Superior Court
  • The county in this state wherein either divorcing partner resides can be chosen to file the divorce papers.
  • If both the divorcing partners agree with each other regarding the divorce issue, it is possible to file a joint petition. In such a case, both the divorcing partners have to put down their signatures on every page of the joint petition. Moreover, there is no need for any divorcing partner to serve the other partner with the divorce papers and the summons.
  • When a single divorcing partner files the divorce papers, this partner has to serve the divorce papers along with the summons to the other divorcing partner.
  • Generally, the final uncontested divorce hearing must be attended by both the divorcing partners. As per the divorce laws, minimum one divorcing partner must attend the hearing
  • One of the divorcing partners may submit the relevant papers to the court that are evidence that attending the final divorce hearing would lead to considerable hardship to this divorcing partner. The Judge reviews these relevant papers and decides whether the hardship is up to such a degree that the divorcing partner cannot attend the hearing. If yes, the judge permits that only one divorcing partner may attend the hearing
  • After the date of filing the divorce papers, there is a waiting period of thirty days, after which the divorce decree can be signed

No Fault Divorce Package

Packages of Alaska no fault divorce is being given online. These include the following items.

  • Roster of forms that must be filled
  • Information of the divorce
  • Explanation of the various forms
  • Summary of the divorce laws

The condition where both the spouses reach to a final decision of getting divorce from each other, a no-fault divorce is the most suitable process for such conditions. However, you may take the help of some experienced divorce attorney belonging to the same state in order to have accurate guidance throughout your divorce case.

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