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Nevada is considered to be such a place in the United States where it is quite easier to get married. You can find lesser legal formalities in Nevada as compared to the rest of states in the US. On the other hand, the legal disintegration of marital relationship is also quite easier to obtain in less duration of time. Therefore, divorce is quite common and a quick process in this state. Like every other state, all legal proceedings are actually taken place as per the state laws and rights. One significant point associated with Nevada no fault divorce is that as this state is a community property state, all marital property is equally divided between both the divorcing spouses. Various other necessities are also required to be fulfilled prior to the legal process initiated in the court. Some of the crucial points related to Nevada no fault divorce is listed below.

Grounds for Nevada No Fault Divorce

In order to conduct a successful legal process based on no fault divorce grounds, the court considers two main conditions of the clients. There are mainly two grounds followed in this state:

  • The irretrievable broken state of the marriage due to extreme incompatibility state between the divorcing partners
  • The divorcing couple has been residing separately for one year without cohabitation

Residency requirements of Nevada No Fault Divorce

The residency requirement is one of the primary conditions to be satisfied by the interested parties. Either of two divorcing spouse should be resided in the state for at least six weeks before the divorce papers are filed. The following counties is chosen for filing the divorce papers:

  • Wherein the Plaintiff or Petitioner lives
  • Wherein the separating couple last cohabited
  • Wherein the Defendant stays or may be located
  • Wherein both the spouses get departed and completed their legal separation period

Issues pertaining waiting period

In this state, no waiting period has been prescribed for no fault divorce. The paperwork is mainly reviewed by the court in accordance with the need of the court judges. In case, the paperwork is complete, the divorce may be granted in one to two weeks from the date of filing.

Financial aspects of the divorce

This is a community property state. As per the law, the property that is attained by the divorcing partners prior to the marriage is retained by the partners. Such property is commonly known as separate property. On the other hand, the property that is acquired during marital life is distributed amongst the parties on the basis of the requirements of each divorcing partner over the other or financial conditions of the partners.

The divorcing partners have the right to develop a written agreement with or without the assistance of a Nevada divorce lawyer. By means of this written agreement, they can divide marital property, make efficient distribution of debts or property and arrange for child support. If the divorcing partner who pays child support amount lives outside this state, then it becomes essential to use the services of a non-Nevada divorce lawyer.

Spousal support is not granted on the basis of fault of either spouse. The financial consequences of imposing alimony and the economic condition of each partner are taken into account. To sort this issue, there is a tremendous need of the services of a divorce lawyer of this state to guide the divorcing couple with their defense.

Certain aspects of Nevada No Fault Divorce

In Nevada, the no fault divorce cases includes settlement of some crucial issues like child custody or support, asset distribution etc, are mainly resolved on the basis of definite terms and conditions defined for this state:

  • If there are any minor children (adopted, in the womb or born), both the divorcing partners must sign a written document that mentions the support and custody requirements.
  • If there is any joint or community property, there must be signed documents regarding the disposition and transfer of such properties.
  • There must be a signed agreement regarding spousal support consisting detailed information about the definite period for which the alimony is to be provided to the recipient

If all the above mentioned documents are in place and both divorcing partners accede in writing to have a divorce without a hearing, then the judge may issue a summary judgment that ends the marriage. As a result, Nevada no fault divorce can simply take place without the involvement of any complicated legal step.

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