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Every marriage sustains on the basis of understanding and adjustments expected from both the parties. However, after a while, few people start realizing that no more adjustments can be done from their side just for the sake of saving their failing marriage. As a result, most of people end up in a divorce that provides the legal breakdown of their marriage. Apart from the various grounds on which a divorce can be obtained, no-fault divorce is considered to be one of the simplest and shortest processes to end a marriage. The no fault divorce case is suitable for the condition where both spouses come up with a common decision of getting a divorce from each other. At the same time, all marital issues are also expected to be resolved by the spouses themselves. Most importantly, filling appropriate divorce papers is one of the crucial parts of every divorce case. Similarly, even in a no-fault divorce, you must be careful with filing all the essential forms from your side.

It has been observed that several states in the United States alter the divorce requirements and laws many times in a year. Some online divorce kits are available that are updated on a monthly basis, if it is essential. It is claimed that these divorce kits are guaranteed, most up-to-date and easy to understand. There are online sources that offer these kits on a money back condition stating that their kit would certainly work for the buyer. Therefore, here we are explaining all essential features associated with no fault divorce online section.

Contents of kits in No Fault Divorce Online kit

  • Marriage Dissolution / Certificate of Divorce
  • Final Decree of Divorce Judgment
  • Notice for Hearing
  • Certificate of Corroborating Witness
  • Petition for Name Change
  • Child Custody Jurisdiction Form
  • Financial Statement Form
  • Legal Separation Agreement
  • Waiver of Acceptance of Service
  • Answer to Petition / Complaint
  • Divorce Complaint or Petition
  • Court Requirements for Filing
  • Instruction for utilizing the Forms
  • Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Depending on different sources, the above list may slightly vary.

No Fault Divorce Online Instructions

In case of this sort of divorce, the Petitioner may request for a divorce kit by email. Alternatively, this Petitioner can purchase a 3 1/2 inch disk of this kit. It is possible to view the contents of such online kits on Microsoft or WordPerfect. Herein, one can read the relevant instructions that assist in the following.

  • Identification of the required form
  • Filling the details in the form according to the specific situation
  • Printing the forms, or
  • Requesting a comprehensive set of printed forms
Advantages of No Fault Divorce Online

There is no need to hire an attorney for your divorce. This results in the following advantages.

  • Legal fees, which may mount up to thousands of dollars, can be saved
  • In the absence of a lawyer, the case might proceed rapidly in the court
  • The nastiness of a divorce proceeding might be reduced
  • There is some possibility that the approach of the Judge is more lenient and understanding as a lawyer is not present
Compulsory requirements that must be fulfilled

It is advised that one should begin this sort of divorce only when the following conditions have been satisfied.

  • Both the divorcing partners must accede with each other regarding all crucial issues such as, spousal support, child custody, child support, visitation schedule and distribution of property.
  • Both the divorcing partners must have resided apart and separate for the span of time specified by the state court house.
  • It is mandatory that the signatures of both the divorcing partners must be visible on all the documents that are to be filed online. It is essential that each partner agrees to have a divorce as well as all the terms of the divorce.
  • The location of both the divorcing partners must be known to each other. The reason of such a requirement is because cooperation and full agreement of both partners is essential.

Consequently, it can be stated that some types of divorce cases such as no fault divorce can easily filed with the help of some online forms. However, you must ensure that the divorce papers should only be obtained from legal sites. Therefore, documents will be reliable and safe to use if it is obtained from a properly authorized website of your state.

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