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The divorce procedure in this state is initiated when one of the divorcing partner (Petitioner) files a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. The next step is to serve the other divorcing partner (Respondent) with the divorce papers. The Respondent is offered 20 to 60 days to offer a response to the divorce papers. In this state, there is a waiting period of 90 days. The intent of keeping this period is that the divorcing partners can reconcile and cool down. After this period is complete, if the issue of divorce is still present, then it is essential to schedule a hearing for divorce.

Grounds of Washington No Fault Divorce

Either divorcing partner can state in the divorce papers that their marriage has met with an irretrievable breakdown, due to one or both of the following reasons.

  • Irreconcilable differences
  • incompatibility

Residency requirements of Washington No Fault Divorce

There is no compulsory requirement. All residents of this state and any armed forces personnel, who have been stationed in this state, can apply for a divorce.

Role of a lawyer

As per the law in this state, it is not mandatory to hire a lawyer for dissolution processes. Practically, it is observed that termination of the marital status comprises of grave financial and legal considerations. A lawyer can play the following role in a divorce process.

  • Representation of the divorcing partner in enforcing the rights of such a partner
  • Assistance in settlement of disputes
  • Providing advice regarding obligations and legal rights
  • Intimating the divorcing partner regarding which divorce papers must be filed

Those who are seeking substitutes for a lawyer should opt for mediation by a trained professional and self-help guidebooks. The above mentioned three routes have varying consequences and expenses. It is advisable that the divorcing partner should consider all of these with care and then finalize the issue. In a no fault divorce, every partner has the right to avail the services of a lawyer. If one divorcing partner selects not to hire a lawyer, still the other partner can.

In any divorce case and more so when it is contested, it is very crucial that the divorcing partner interrogates the attorney regarding the court costs, hourly rates, retainers as well as credit and payment arrangements.

Orders of the court

The court enforces the judgment for dissolution. If it is detected that any individual is intentionally avoiding complying with the court orders, then such a person can be held in contempt, fined and jailed.

The court implements child support orders by executing compulsory payroll deduction. From the initiation of this order, this amount is paid to the Washington State Child Support Registry. If the court is satisfied that the child support amount would be paid by the payer to the payee in a timely manner and voluntarily, then such a process is adhered to. If some divorced parents have not been dispatched court ordered support, then it is time to contact a private lawyer or the local division of Child Support.

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