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After divorce, the foremost parental desire is to have happy, healthy, and successful kids. For this it is mandatory to prevent parental conflict from popping up after the divorce. For this, the first step is to locate the source of this conflict. One of the crucial aspects of successful post divorce parental life is to continue regular communication between the ex-spouses. If this aspect is not fulfilled, one spouse does not convey some important information regarding the children and this result into parental disputes. Here we have jot down some pointers that the divorced parents should keep in mind bringing up their children. It is important to understand that it is difficult for the children to accept that their parent's marriage has ended.

Post Divorce Parental Behavior for Men

  • A father should visit his child frequently and consistently
  • A man should never utilize his child as his therapist. By this it is implied that he should not share his anxieties, concerns, and fears with the child.
  • A father should not try to create a bond with his child in such a manner that the child starts opposing the mother
  • While speaking with the child, a father must not criticize the mother or downplay her
  • A man should never use his children to spy on their mother
  • A father must show consistent disciplinary behavior regarding the children
  • Both the parents must make sure that they do not engage in any argument in presence of the children
  • No parent should utilize their child as a messenger between them
  • A father must forgive his wife post divorce for all that has occurred during the marriage

After Divorce Parental Behavior Tips for Women

  • A mother should allow her husband to meet the children as per the court orders
  • A mother should never criticize her husband in front of the child or in the presence of the child
  • The mother should create a friendly bond with the child and help in the developmental growth of the child
  • A mother should not ask the child not to meet his/her father
  • The mother should keep an eye on the behavioral aspects of the child
  • It is important for the mother to keep the father of the child informed about the achievements as well as problems of the child

After Divorce Parental Strategy

  • The divorced spouses must commit themselves to behave with emotional integrity. When both chalk out a plan, they must ensure that they abide by it.
  • The spouses must remember the saying 'say what you mean, mean what you say'
  • The divorced partners must convey information to each other regarding any alteration in their daily routine. Due to this, the children would never become the prime source of information.
  • There must be an active communication between the parent regarding all the negative and positive aspects in the developmental journey of their children
  • The extended family plays a vital role in the lives of the children. So, the divorced parents must discuss with each other about which members of the extended family would be given access to the child and under whose charge. What would be the nature of this access?
  • The parents should reach a negotiation regarding the behavioral guidelines and boundaries to be adhered to in the upbringing of their children. They should plan in such a way that irrespective of which parent the child is with, he or she should have a consistency in his or her life.
  • Both parents should look after the peace and security of the children with highest priority. For this they should abandon selfishness and behave with maturity.
  • Sometimes, one parent is delighted, when the child insults the other parent. Even though this is the fact, this parent should guide the child that he or she should not disrespect the other parent.
Most parents are unaware about the impact of divorce and their post divorce behavior on the children. Hence we have mentioned some details about parental tips that would be of great help for parents to bring up kids after the divorce. It is essential for the parents to plan a strategy to bring up their kids without letting them get after by the different between them. Even though the couple has ended their relation, but they still have a common responsibility for the well-being of their children. The parents should be able to communicate and share issues related to the children.

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