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If both the divorcing partners reach an agreement regarding all the divorce issues and trust that both have been fair towards one another, then it is possible to implement a quick uncontested divorce that would require 90 days.

Procedure of Quick Uncontested Divorce

  • The divorcing partner must reach the local courthouse and locate the Prothonotary office
  • Here, he / she must request for the essential paperwork for an uncontested divorce
  • Keep in mind that the officials in this office would not help in completion of the divorce paperwork. So, it is wiser not to request them to do so
  • The divorcing partner must read the instructions that are offered along with the paperwork
  • These instructions not only explain how to fill the paperwork but also comprise of a certain series of steps that are essential for proper filing
  • After filling out the Petition for divorce, the divorcing partner must submit it in the Prothonotary office and along with it disburse the filing fee. Every state in the United States charges different filing fees. The office will give a receipt after the filing fee is paid
  • The officials in the office would place the Petition in a file
  • The Prothonotary office retains this document for 90 days on completion of which it officially files the divorcing couple as divorced
  • During this span of 90 days, the Petitioner must dispatch a certified copy of the request for divorce via certified mail from the local post office
  • Although, the Petitioner is seeing his / her spouse as a daily routine, still a certified copy of the request for divorce must be dispatched as described in the previous point. If there is any failure in the above process, the divorce procedure may get delayed or the courthouse might kick out the Petitioner from the system
  • On receiving the above request, the spouse must sign the certified sticker. This sticker is further sent to the Prothonotary office where it is attached to the case file
  • Only after receiving the signed certified sticker mentioned above can the divorce process be continued
  • When the divorcing partner initially requests for essential paperwork at the Prothonotary office, the official there gives a packet of forms that contains the Final Petition for divorce
  • After 90 days are over since filing the divorce request in the office, the divorcing partners must put down their signatures on this final petition in front of a notary. This indicates that the divorcing partners are still acceding with each other regarding the divorce. Now, this final petition must be submitted in the Prothonotary office
  • While submitting the final petition, it is essential to pay some fee. This fee changes from state to state
  • On the date on which the final petition is submitted, the divorcing partners are officially divorced
  • The Judge at the courthouse will issue the divorce decree that states that the couple is legally divorced

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