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A divorce is certainly a costly affair. The divorcing couple has to spend a lot in order to get a copy of the final divorce decree. Both the parties have to meet certain expenses like court costs and attorney fees. If the divorce case is a contested one then there is no limit to the expenses. These costs can be reduced if the divorcing couple decides to go for an uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce requires the two parties reach to a mutual agreement, and place the agreement to the court so that the court can grant a divorce. You can settle disputes mutually without the help of lawyers also. If you want to make your divorce a less-expensive affair, you must choose an affordable uncontested divorce.

An affordable uncontested divorce is a better option which saves time and money. Generally people have to spend a lot for many issues like child support, spousal maintenance, taxes, property division, assets and also maintaining legal documents and completing paperwork. It really becomes tough for many couples to meet all these expenses. Thus it is imperative that you should know the procedures of an affordable uncontested divorce. Such a divorce is painless and do not lead to financial crisis in most of the cases.

It has been observed that in 2008-09, if a lawyer was hired for an uncontested divorce then the fees of the lawyer would mount to almost 3,000 to 4,000 USD. A layman may or may not be capable of affording this expense. One of the ways of an affordable uncontested divorce is taking the assistance of online divorce services. The fees for the online services are approximately 200 to 300 USD. In addition to these, one has to disburse the court filing fees and these are around 100 USD. Certainly, a lot of money is saved.

The procedures and advantages of affordable uncontested divorces are described here-

Procedure of Online Affordable Uncontested Divorce

  • The information regarding the requirements of the states in which the divorcing partners reside is initially reviewed. If the divorcing partners reside in different states then the state that has a lesser waiting period and whose requirements can be easily fulfilled is chosen for applying for divorce
  • In the chosen state, a login is created and the divorce process is begun by signing-up
  • After the Petitioner signs-up, the login offers private access to the account. In the account, the Petitioner has to answer the questions that are asked, check legal citations and review the explanations
  • There is no need of any hurry answer the questions. If felt necessary, the Petitioner can answer some questions right away and some at a later stage
  • After all the online process is completed, the Petitioner gains access to the completed documents. Now, the next step is to print these forms and put down the signatures in the right places
  • Read the filing instructions that are provided online and file the documents in the court
  • In some states in the United States, it is possible to file the documents by fax or mail. Then, there is no need to appear in the court
  • In case of many online divorce services, it is quite possible to make alterations in the information and reprint the documents for no additional cost

Advantages of Online Affordable Uncontested Divorce

  • An online divorce center is not a legal document warehouse. In the United States, the nature of the forms alters time and again. The online divorce centers track these alterations and make the necessary changes before customers are impacted by those
  • If in case some forms are not accepted by the local courthouse, these are amended for no additional charges by the online divorce center
  • This service is available for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week
  • The online divorce center cannot answer legal questions. However, some of these centers can connect their clients to the Live Lawyer service. This service directly puts the client in contact with the lawyer, who belongs to the state of the client making it possible to get the answers of all legal questions.
  • This is a private and secure method. Only both the divorcing partners have access to their documents before they file them in the court
  • The information furnished by the divorcing partners is not released for any commercial or other reasons
  • Couples can buy 'cheap divorce tip' and carefully plan for the divorce in advance

Divorce is the legitimate dissolution of marriage. Sometimes it becomes a painful, stressful and traumatic experience. And with the additional burden of bearing the divorce costs, it becomes a wrenching experience. To avoid being a part of such a traumatic experience, you must opt for an affordable uncontested divorce.

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