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Are you thinking of getting separated from your married partner? Are you considering a divorce or 'dissolution of marriage' with a tight budget? If the divorce is a contested one, the divorcing parties have to pay the lawyer's fees as well as the court fees. Additionally, they have to abide by the decisions of the court and pay the spousal support and child support that has been ordered by the Judge. The distribution of property also takes place as decided by the court. But if you choose an uncontested divorce, you can avoid spending a large amount in a bid to abide by the orders of the court. Again there are cheap uncontested divorce options which allow you to fight for your case without taking the help of any attorney.

There are several instances of divorcing couples who have finalized not to remain married, but are reluctant to pay the fees of the lawyer. As a consequence of this reluctance, they do not initiate the divorce procedure. A number of individuals are of the opinion that in order to obtain a divorce, it is essential to hire the services of a lawyer. However, this is not true.

Importance of Cheap Uncontested Divorces

Today there are a lot of alternatives, where you can go for a divorce without hiring the services of a lawyer. It is true that when you decide to take a divorce, you have to spend some amount on paperwork. Again, in many cases when the court decides that one spouse has to pay for spousal support and child maintenance, a person has to abide by the court orders. So it is necessary to save money. That is the reason why many partners feel reluctant to consult an attorney; because he/ she knows that he/ she has to pay a large sum to the lawyer.

But now you can easily avoid spending huge amount on all these by choosing a cheap uncontested divorce. You can obtain such a divorce by consulting with companies that provide non-attorney services. They offer legal methods of separating parties in order to obtain divorces. You need to submit the county-specific documents and they will guide you regarding how to proceed with your case.

The procedures needed to obtain a cheap uncontested divorce are summed up as follows-

Methods for Cheap Uncontested Divorces

Avoiding lawyers

It has been observed that lawyers increase not only the cost of the divorce but also the emotional stress and time span essential for its completion. A simple, uncontested divorce may require many days of court appearances, if the services of a lawyer are taken. The attorneys try to divide the assets in such a manner, which is more beneficial for them rather than the divorcing partners. So, it is essential to avoid lawyers and make the divorce procedure easy and cheap.

In case of an uncontested divorce, the divorcing partners should work out the plan of child support, visitation, child custody and property distribution themselves. By following this procedure, they can work out things till both of them are satisfied. As compared to the court, the divorcing partners know what is best for themselves and their children. So, they can prevent unnecessary wastage of money and consequently the divorce becomes cheaper.

Another advantage of avoiding lawyers is that the divorcing partners need not pay a high retainer to the lawyer also.

Selecting divorce mediation

Those divorcing couples, who cannot reach an agreement by themselves, need not immediately approach a lawyer. Instead, they should opt for divorce mediation. The expenses of divorce mediation are a very small percentage of the fees of a lawyer.

Filling out the divorce forms

The divorcing parties usually approach a lawyer for filling the divorce forms. However, it must be understood that these forms are relatively simple to understand. If anybody has any confusion regarding filling the forms then such a person can do some research online. It is possible to download any information that is essential. Also, the forms that are specific to a particular state in the United States can also be downloaded by paying a small amount. If one follows the above mentioned steps, it can contribute towards a cheap uncontested divorce.

Such a divorce has the following advantages-

  • Thousands of dollars in the form of lawyer's fees can be saved
  • Precious time can be saved. This time can be invested in earning money
  • A more civil relation can be maintained with the divorced partner

The key rule to obtain a cheap uncontested divorce is to discuss the divorce terms with your partner. Don't bring any personal problem in between these discussions. Remember you need a divorce and the cheaper and simpler it is, the better it will be for your future because through this process you will be able to save some money and invest the same for yourself or your children. So try to make things simpler by choosing the above mentioned methods of divorce.

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