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Today when the number of divorce cases is increasing, there are a lot of options available in order to make a stressful divorce process a little bit easier. These include DIY divorce, do-it-yourself divorce, cheap divorce, easy uncontested divorce, etc. In USA, 95% of the divorce cases are uncontested divorce. An uncontested divorce is a type of divorce where both the divorcing partners agree with each other on all terms of the divorce. Now-a-days many couples are going for easy uncontested divorces, which save their time and energy.

An easy uncontested divorce is generally granted as soon as the waiting period is over. This sort of divorce is regarded ideal for couples who do not have shared bank accounts, investments or property. Such a divorcing couple desire to come out clear and free from their relationship. It is essential that the divorcing couple should reach an agreement regarding all the issues prior to the actual divorce. Both should share a mutual trust that both have been fair towards each other.

If you want to get divorced through this process, you need to know the procedures involved in this process. These procedures are described below-

Procedure for an Easy Uncontested Divorce

  • The Petitioner must visit the local courthouse and locate the Prothonotary Office. In this office, the Petitioner should reveal that he or she wishes to apply for an uncontested divorce and may be given the essential form (i.e. A Petition for Divorce)

  • The Petitioner must realize that no employee of the Prothonotary Office would assist in filling the document. It is essential that the Petitioner should read the instructions provided with the document and fill it out all by self

  • After completion of the Petition for Divorce, the Petitioner has to submit it in the Prothonotary Office. Here, it is placed on a file. At this juncture, it is compulsory to disburse the filing fee in the courthouse. It is recommended that the Petitioner may write a check

  • The Petitioner should not forget to take a receipt of the payment of the filing fee from the courthouse

  • The Prothonotary Office maintains the file for the required waiting period after which it becomes possible to file the divorcing couple as divorced

  • After filing the Petition in the courthouse, the Petitioner is supposed to direct a copy of the request for divorce by certified mail to the Respondent. For this the Petitioner must pay a visit to the local post office and enquire how to send this copy as certified

  • If the Petitioner fails to direct the copy to the Respondent, the divorce process gets postponed or the Petitioner may get kicked out of the courthouse system

  • Along with the copy of the request for divorce, there is a certified sticker. The Respondent needs to sign the sticker. This sticker is directed towards the Prothonotary Office where it is maintained with the file of the specific case. It is mandatory that the courthouse gets this signed paper to carry on with the divorce procedure

  • After the Petitioner has filed the request for divorce, it is essential to wait till the waiting period gets over

  • Once the waiting period is over, the Petitioner has to submit the Final Petition for Divorce in the courthouse. This document states that both the divorcing partners accede to the divorce. This document has to be signed by both the divorcing partners in the presence of a notary

  • After the signatures before the notary are done, the Petitioner has to submit the letter in the courthouse along with a fee. On this date, the couple is officially divorced

  • The divorcing partners are forwarded an official letter, which is a Divorce Decree. This is signed by the Judge and states that both are legally divorced

Although the proceedings followed in an easy uncontested divorce is easier or simpler, it does surely ensure the legal termination of a marriage. You have to arrange for all the required legal papers and documents.

It is to be remembered that the procedures or the information given above are no legal advice. These are some general information about how to get an easy uncontested divorce. To avoid any mistakes, you and your spouse must consult your case with some experienced attorneys. It is also necessary to understand that the divorce procedures of one state vary from the procedures of another state.

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