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Wyoming, one of the least populous states in the US has one of the highest rates of divorce. Recent studies reveal that the rate is 5.2 per 1000 population. It is really shocking to know a state with less population does have such higher divorce rates. Divorces are fought in both contested and uncontested ways. An uncontested divorce in Wyoming requires the spouses to follow procedures that are defined by the state laws. The laws and requirements for an uncontested case can be found in the Wyoming Statute dealing with domestic relations.

A divorce case has many aspects. Here we can take a look at the different areas of an uncontested divorce process in Wyoming.

Residency Requirements

The residency criterion is elaborated here:

  • The Plaintiff must be living in Wyoming for a period of two months or 60 days prior to the action is initiated.
  • The marriage must have happened in Wyoming. The Plaintiff should be residing here from the time of the marriage until the time when the action is filed.

Venue for filing the Divorce

The District Court is the place where the actions are filed. This is a county court.

Grounds for Divorce

The main ground is irreconcilable differences. The other general ground includes insanity for a period of two years.

Children are the most important distinguishing factor in an uncontested case. Depending on the presence or absence of children, different forms are recommended for filing the purpose. In Wyoming the following forms are required in cases with or without children:

Forms related to Uncontested Divorce in Wyoming with no children

In case both the separating partners agree for the uncontested process and they have no children from their marriage, then the Plaintiff is expected to file the following forms:

  • DNCP 24 : Using this form, the plaintiff asks the court for granting a divorce in the absence of any hearing.
  • DNCP 6: The Defendant is made aware of her or his rights in the action by means of this document.
  • DNCP 5 : This document is used as a petition in the court to issue a case.
  • DNCP 4: This form is used to record the process in the records of the state. In this form the decree section is not filled, until the Decree is signed by the Judge.
  • DNCP 26: This is the document that mentions that the separation has been granted. The distribution of liabilities and assets of the marital estate are detailed in this form.

Forms related to Uncontested Divorce in Wyoming with children

In case both the divorcing partners agree for the case and they have children from their marriage. They are expected to file the following forms:

  • DWCP 6 (A Summons in the Civil Action).
  • DWCP 5 (Complaint for Divorce with Children).
  • DWCP 4 (Vital Statistics Form).
  • DWCP 37 (A Certificate of Mailing Decree of Divorce): This is a certificate that the divorce decree has been mailed.
  • DWCP 34 (A Decree of divorce with Minor Children): The terms and conditions of the visitation, child support, spousal support and parenting plan are mentioned in this document. Both the divorcing partners are supposed to put down their signatures on this form. The marriage is terminated through this form.
  • DWCP 33 (A Confidential Statement of parties for Child Support Order): This form is inclusive of confidential information that is essential to comply with the Child Support Enforcement Act.
  • DWCP 31 (Affidavit for divorce without Appearance of Parties); When both the divorcing partners have reached an agreement and signed the Divorce Decree, then this form comes into picture.
  • DWCP 21 (Notice to Payor); this documents instructs the employer of the payor that the spousal support, child support and medical insurance payments should be subtracted and then forwarded to the Wyoming Disbursement Unit.
  • DWCP 20 (An Income withholding Order): Information regarding child support like terms and conditions as well as the actual amount is indicated in this form.
  • DWCP 13 (An Order requiring completion of Financial Affidavits): According to this document, both the divorcing partners have to furnish their economical details for the previous two years. This is inclusive of pay stubs and W-2s.
  • DWCP 12 (A Confidential Financial Affidavit): Both the divorcing partners have to fill this form. It consists of information regarding the minor children the partners have. Moreover, the expenditures and incomes of both parties are mentioned in this document.

After going through the above information, you must have got a basic idea of an uncontested divorce in Wyoming. Be strong and patient while fighting the case. All the best!

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