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Every divorcing couple wants to obtain an easy divorce without getting involved in legal complications. Generally the process of divorce is so tiring that people do not want to take any extra effort. No one wants to know the legal processes in detail or memorize the legal jargons to get a successful divorce. A considerable number of separating couples take the help of advocates but cannot believe everything that the advocates tell them. If you do not want to follow these beaten tracks, you can buy kits that are relevant in your case. Uncontested divorce kits help in saving a lot of time and prove best for couples who do not have any children. These kits have become very popular as these help you in every step right from filing for the divorce till obtaining it.

A kit of uncontested divorce is basically a group of forms. These group of forms can be transferred from the company to the divorcing partner in several ways. Depending on the circumstances in the particular case, there are different groups of forms.

Today a good variety of kits are available that aim at solving almost all possible situations in terms of divorce. There are forms for contested process and cases with child issues. When both parties agree on all terms and they have no children, uncontested divorce kits prove to be most beneficial.

Types of Uncontested Divorce Kits

A number of kits depending on the varied nature of cases are available

No Property No Children

  • Absence of biological or adopted children.
  • Absence of assets like car or credit card payments, house etc.

Property No Children

  • Absence of biological or adopted children.
  • Presence of assets like car or credit card payments, house etc.

Property with Children

  • Presence of biological or adopted children.
  • Presence of assets like car or credit card payments, house etc.


Depending on the filling status of an individual, the kit consists of some or all of the following forms:

  • Marriage Dissolution / Certificate of Divorce
  • Final Decree of Divorce Judgment
  • Notice for Hearing
  • Certificate of Corroborating Witness
  • Petition for Name Change
  • Child Custody Jurisdiction Form
  • Financial Statement Form
  • Marital Separation Agreement
  • Waiver of Acceptance of Service
  • Answer to Complaint / Petition
  • Petition for Dissolution (Divorce Complaint)
  • Court Requirements for Filing
  • Instructions for using the forms
  • Frequently asked questions and answers

The kit deals with the following regions of the uncontested process:

  • How the divorcing partner may attempt to hide assets
  • Income taxes
  • Restoration to former name of wife
  • Debts and other obligations
  • Alimony
  • Child Custody, Support and Visitation
  • Personal Property and Real Estate
  • Other crucial topics

Manifestation of Uncontested Divorce Kits

  • Paper Forms: A kit containing one set of blank forms is generally shipped in 24 hours. These forms are signed, notarized and then filed in the local court.
  • CD-ROM: The CD is also usually shipped within 24 hours. After receiving the CD, the recipient can edit the forms on the Personal Computer or Mac Computer. Further, these documents can be printed for use.
  • E-Mail: After a request is made, the forms in the kit can be sent as an attachment to the recipient's email address. This procedure may require about an hour. Then, the forms can be edited on the PC or Mac computer.
  • Download: This is the fastest method of receiving the forms. It takes only a few seconds to procure the forms. However, the recipient must be acquainted with the download process. After downloading the forms, they can be edited further.

The following tips may prove useful:

  • The purchase ID number is utilized to match the type of forms and payment.
  • The address on PayPal payment is used to ship the paper forms or CD-ROM.


Generally the sites from where a kit can be downloaded are not related to law offices or law firms. These sites do not have any intention of offering any legal services, legal assistance or legal advice. The singular aim of such a site is to furnish blank forms. These should be independently drafted by the recipient. So be careful, read all the terms and conditions and know about the costs of such kits before actually availing this opportunity.

It is necessary that you know the websites that provide truthful information and sell these kits that are relevant in your state. Many states like Ohio in the USA has certain language specifications, and as such, any form provided in the generic kits will not be accepted by Ohio courts. So do some research on the authentic websites that will provide the proper kits relevant in your state.

Using uncontested divorce kits will help you save a lot of time and money. You need not hire the services of an efficient lawyer and thus can easily avoid paying a huge amount to the lawyer. Sometimes these kits benefit a lot to those who are serving in the military or to spouses who are residing out of the state and are unwilling to go to the court.

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