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Terms like 'divorce', 'legal separation', 'annulment', etc. evoke a lot of emotions and mixed feelings. Divorce is the legal ending of a married relationship, which is certainly painful and traumatic. A divorce is influenced by and related to a number of emotional, psychological, social and financial factors. When couples decide to split, they have a lot of things in their mind which hinder them from thinking logically and take proper decisions. Once they file for a case, they find that it is almost impossible for them to spend much time and money only to get legally separated from each other. If you do not want to belong to this category, you must choose uncontested case as an option and know the pros and cons of this process. In this pursuit, you will need the help of uncontested divorce lawyers who will ensure that your rights are protected.

An uncontested divorce lawyer is a legal representative who assists the divorcing couple to manage the legal issues and solve the ownership issue of family assets. Such a lawyer can also help in shrewdly handling any tax issues related to property and assets. However, the divorcing couple must realize that they need not place a large amount of money in front of such a lawyer or permit the lawyer to control the complete case.

Although it is essential to get the legal advice of a lawyer, but you must be careful enough to avoid dishonest attorneys who can mislead you while claiming sizeable fees. Sometimes it happens that separating partners lose their patience and blindly believe what the lawyers tell them. But the lawyers advice may not be always truthful and correct. So you should do some research while choosing the attorney, because it is they who play a pivotal role in obtaining your divorce; one of the most important decisions of your life.

Here we provide you some vital tips regarding how to choose your advocate:

Get necessary information about Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

  • Number of years of experience
  • Whether uncontested case is a section of their practice or whether they have specialized in this field.
  • Can the lawyer resolve issues pertaining to tax?
  • Is it possible for the divorcing partner to accost and discuss the case with the associates of the lawyer who are involved in the case?
  • Which are the probable resources of the lawyer that would help the divorcing partner to get a quick judgement?
  • What are the gross charges, charges for documentation, the terms and conditions of the payment?
  • What are the approximate expenses for the uncontested divorce as per the lawyer?
  • Have any of the previous clients of the lawyer filed grievances regarding the lawyer in the bar association?
  • Whether any services like Will, Trusts, Deeds are essential for finalizing the case? If so, what are the charges of the lawyer for these services?
  • On the basis of the approach of the divorcing partner towards the case, how does the lawyer predict the case? In which of the issues is the divorcing partner at an advantage? If the spouse of the lawyer's client asks questions similar to the above two to the lawyer, then what would be the answer?
  • What is the past record of the lawyer? Does the lawyer maintain a track record of the satisfaction of the clients? If so, what percentage of the clients is satisfied with the services provided by the lawyer? If the divorcing partner gets a positive answer to this question, the divorcing partner must feel relaxed that he or she has met the right person.

Important questions to be asked to Uncontested Divorce Lawyers

Don't forget to ask your lawyer some significant questions such as:

  • Is it possible to book an appointment with the lawyer easily?
  • Does the lawyer discuss the different issues in depth with the client?
  • Does the lawyer employ technology to gain time in developing the essential documents regarding the case?
  • Does the lawyer spare time to realize the difficulties and problems in the life of the client? After understanding these, does the lawyer offer options or solutions pertaining to those hurdles?

It is recommended that a divorcing couple who is about to accost an uncontested divorce attorney should take the assistance of acquaintances who have experienced this process, and pay a visit to several attorneys before making a choice of one for their case. Those who are going to split soon, must agree on all or most of the terms so that the uncontested divorce lawyers take less time and less money to finish off the case and get the final orders accordingly.

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