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Modern life is certainly fast which has made people weak and dependent on technology. Today family members do not find time for each other. Let us take the example of modern-day married couples. Every one amongst two married couples gets divorced in the United States. Thus, today, marriages are short-lived. This is a curse of a modern life. However, we cannot deny living in this age. We have to fight for ourselves, for our rights, our interests in order to survive. In this pursuit, spouses who find it difficult to live life together file for divorce. And to get off the pain, they want their case to be resolved in a fast and easy way. The term 'divorce' reminds us of lengthy court proceedings which make couples pass through some really stressful times. But now with the advancement of technology, the burden can be easily reduced. You may be a busy professional or a homemaker; regardless of who you are you can apply for uncontested divorce online which will cut short the lengthy courtroom proceedings into a few important steps.

Divorce is certainly an unfortunate scenario. This unpleasant process may continue for many months in the court and result in a huge expenditure. However, the process can be made simple if you opt for an uncontested divorce. Moreover, if this process is obtained online, it is just a matter of a few days for the couples to end the proceedings.

Is online Uncontested Divorce pragmatic?

The first and foremost step before proceeding on the route of such a case is to ensure that it is a practical alternative for the separating couple. Before attempting to file for this sort of case, it is essential that some conditions must be fulfilled. The online option provides guidelines regarding these conditions. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • The separating partners must agree with each other regarding all the terms of the divorce.
  • The partners must not be reluctant to put down their signatures on the essential paperwork.
  • The spouse who files the forms must know the location of the other spouse and should be successful in establishing contact with such a partner.

It must be noted that several online resources do not permit the separating parties to apply for divorce if there are children less than 18 years old from the marriage. In such cases very few websites allow to file a case.

It is mandatory that the partners should fulfill the residency requirements of the county and state. This is inclusive of being a resident for a certain period of time and the duration of non-cohabitation. The Specific County or city defines the span of non-cohabitation.

Procedure of Uncontested Divorce Online

It may be kept in mind that the procedure of an online uncontested divorce is unbelievably simple. In a majority of cases, the divorcing partners are able to finish this procedure without the need of any assistance from a legal person.

Most of the states in the USA provide online uncontested divorces. The online procedures may slightly differ from one state to another. The process followed in most of the states can be broadly divided into the following steps:

  • The partners must speak with each other in order to ensure that they are ready to put down their signatures on all the essential forms.
  • The partners must talk with each other about all the terms. They must be able to reach an agreement regarding all the ongoing issues.
  • The couple must attempt a brief quiz on the website. The aim of this quiz is to conclude if the couple is eligible for the filing.
  • The couple has to face an interview on the website. This interview is in the form of an online questionnaire. You can complete the interview in 15-20 minutes depending on the nature of your case.
  • After the interview is completed, some paperwork is sent to the divorcing couple.
  • The couple has to complete this paperwork and return it to the website.
  • The partners must pay all the essential fees.

If anyone of the spouses is in military then also the specific type of case will be applicable. Either of the partners needs to meet the residency requirements and both of them need to agree on all the terms of divorce. The rest is same like any regular case.

Some points to be noted while choosing the website

You may come across a number of websites while researching about uncontested divorce online. But you need to keep some vital points in mind before coming to any conclusion:

  • All the information provided must guide you through the whole procedure from start to finish. To check whether they are providing right information or not, you may call the customer care representatives, and ask them certain questions relevant in your case. You can verify their answers with an attorney, if needed.
  • You need to check the credibility of the website. All the required forms must be prepared by people who are law students, professionals or have some legal background.
  • You need to check whether the website ensures you complete guarantee that their service will guide you in obtaining the divorce and also that the forms meet legal standards. If not, will they return back the fees that you will pay them?

Once you are sure about all these, you can proceed to start your uncontested divorce online. This process helps you save a lot of time, maintain privacy and reduces the stress to a great extent. So get ready for a smart, time-saving and cost-effective process. Best of luck!

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