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A divorce may be contested or uncontested. The number of divorce cases has been increasing over the past few years. USA finds itself among the top 5 divorce-seeking nations in the world. Today most of the cases in USA are uncontested. An uncontested case is possible only when- (a) there are no disagreements between the separating partners over any issues and (b) anyone of the spouses agree to get separated when the other partner files for it or the respondent/defendant remains absent during the divorce procedures. Now-a-days, a considerable number of separating partners choose uncontested case so that they can avoid the lengthy court proceedings. To make the process fast, easy and cost-effective, they use uncontested divorce package which help them to know the process in detail.

If you want to obtain an uncontested divorce with the help of uncontested divorce packages, you must know the pros and cons of such packages. Here we are going to discuss about the ingredients, types and use of such packages.

Ingredients of Uncontested Divorce Package

  • The major steps in an uncontested process are explained. The events which take place at every step are precisely described.
  • A sample of the demand letter that is to be sent to the Respondent / Defendant is provided.
  • The small claim documents of the Petitioner are automatically prepared.
  • The package helps in finding out the correct Justice of the Peace Court.
  • The package has the essential instructions and forms that are necessary for serving the Respondent / Defendant properly.
  • Instructions are provided regarding the method to subpoena witnesses, if the situation demands.
  • There are guidelines regarding the following topics:
    • What the divorcing partners should expect to happen in the court.
    • At which moment is it essential to contact a lawyer?

Types of Packages

There are many law firms that produce these packages and differentiate between these on the basis of two criteria.

  • Presence or absence of children.
  • Presence or absence of property and / or debts.

A paper copy of these packages can be sent by mail. Alternatively, these can be downloaded online. Another method is that these can be sold in a CD-ROM. The price of the packages in the presence of children is more those in the absence of children.

Such packages consist of the following:

  • Access to divorce law summary pertaining to the particular state
  • Necessary forms
  • Checklist
  • Instructions and steps
  • Explanations of forms
  • List of forms that are essential
  • Relevant Information

Online use of Uncontested Divorce Packages

There are certain requirements that must be met before the divorcing couple can use these packages.

These requirements are detailed below:

  • The residency requirements and grounds for divorce of the particular state need to be met.
  • Both the divorcing partners must agree to terminate the marriage, and all aspects regarding such a termination need to be sorted.
  • The wife should not be pregnant.
  • The divorcing partner who files the petition must know the address of the other divorcing partner. This is necessary as both the partners have to sign the documents.
  • The divorcing partner who files the petition must appear in court for the judgment. The other divorcing partner need not.
  • At the time of filing the petition, the divorcing partner must pay the court fees or administrative fees directly in the court.

Documents forwarded to the Divorcing Partner

Some of the documents that are forwarded to the divorcing partner are as follows:

  • Complaint for divorce
  • Summons
  • Property Settlement Agreement
  • Notice of Court Date to spouse
  • Transmittal letter to court to schedule hearing
  • Transmittal letter to court for acknowledgment of service
  • Transmittal letter to court for filing complaint
  • Instruction Letter
  • Confidential Information Statement
  • Alternate Dispute Resolution Notification
  • Insurance Certification
  • Certification that no case information statement is necessary
  • Entry of Appearance (for spouse to file)
  • Acknowledgement of Service
  • Judgment of Divorce

There are several couples who are willing to initiate an uncontested process. However, they do not have any knowledge regarding how to proceed in this regard. They can use the particular packages in order to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the uncontested procedures in that state, and then proceed with the case. It is to be noted that different states in the US have different laws and as such different packages are prepared in accordance with the state laws. These packages contain guidelines and instructions regarding your uncontested divorce. So you can go for a DIY (do-it-yourself) divorce and save a hefty amount of money required to spend on court costs and lawyer fees.

It is advisable to buy an uncontested divorce package that provides truthful information and necessary documents prepared by experienced attorneys. If all these happen, you will certainly make your own way that could lead to a peaceful separation.

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