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Today divorce has become a major issue in America. According to a survey, about fifty percent of marriages in America end in divorce.

Divorce involves a lot of legal procedures. Most of the time people are not aware of the legal procedure of divorce. They face many problems like

  • Face tough time in finding a good attorney
  • Don't know what are the forms they have to fill?
  • Unaware of the divorce steps they have to follow?
  • Don't know anything about property divorce
  • Problem in understanding and handling their children

Edivorcepapers.com was built on the philosophy that divorce is a complicated matter and should be handled carefully. It was created to cater the above and many more such needs of people. It gives people a place to learn about divorce laws, divorce proceedings, when to file the petition, the points to be taken care of while going for child custody.

Apart from that there are hundreds of articles posted on this site which has lot of valuable information. These articles are written by expert lawyers, researchers and marriage counselors. These articles touch all the aspects related to divorce.

In US divorce laws differ from state to state. We provide all the divorce forms and papers you need. To ease your findings we have listed it state wise. You will surprise to know that this site has more than 40,000 divorce forms and related divorce papers. All the forms are absolutely free and available for download.

Since 2005, the year when the site was launched, Edivorcepapers.com has come a long way. A highly qualified and dedicated legal research team works on the site and is determined to provide its user the best possible relevant and updated information on divorce.

Thank you for choosing edivorcepapers.com. We will continue to deliver our best in future.

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