Iowa Divorce Papers in PDF Format

If you have made the firm decision to pursue a divorce without legal representation and are confident that you and your spouse can reach an agreement on matters related to family and property, it is imperative that you possess up-to-date documents. These documents are essential for a successful do-it-yourself divorce filing, as they need to be approved by the court. To streamline this process, we have compiled a comprehensive collection of Iowa Supreme Court family law forms on this page. Now, with just a few clicks, you can conveniently access, review, and print the court-approved divorce papers for Iowa.

Free Printable Iowa Uncontested Divorce Forms

To fill out divorce papers in Iowa, certain information must be provided. When you don’t have kids and want to get divorced, you need to know the whole names of both people, where they live, when they got married, and why they want to split up, like if things can’t be fixed or if someone cheated. You also have to agree on how to divide your stuff and if one person will give money to help the other.

If you have kids, you need to tell more. You have to write down the names and birthdays of all the kids under 18, how you’ll share taking care of them, when each parent will spend time with them, how much money one parent will give the other for the kids, and details about health insurance and other costs. It’s really important to fill out the forms correctly because mistakes can make the divorce take longer.

You can obtain free printable divorce forms specific to your situation from the official Iowa State Courts website or conveniently download them directly from our website. Take care to use the correct forms, ensuring a smooth and efficient handling of your divorce case.

Download Iowa Divorce Forms Without Child (pdf)

If you have made the decision to file for divorce in Iowa and you do not have children, there are a few forms that you need to prepare. These forms will help you initiate the divorce proceedings and provide essential information to the court. It is important to complete these forms accurately and honestly.

  1. Petition for Dissolution of Marriage: This is the primary form that starts the divorce process. It outlines the basic details of your marriage, such as names of the parties involved, the date and place of marriage, and states the reasons for seeking a divorce.
  2. Original Notice: This form informs your spouse that you have filed for divorce. It includes details about the court where the case will be heard and provides them with instructions regarding their response.
  3. Affidavit of Non-Military Service: This form verifies that your spouse is not on active military duty and provides important information about their military status.
  4. Acceptance of Service: If your spouse agrees to the divorce and acknowledges receipt of the divorce papers, this form documents their acceptance of the divorce papers.
  5. Appearance and Waiver: Your spouse can use this form to waive their right to be personally served with divorce papers and indicates that they acknowledge the divorce proceedings.
  6. Certificate of Divorce: Once the divorce is finalized, this form is completed to officially register the divorce with the court and obtain a certificate of divorce.
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Download Iowa Divorce Forms With Minor Child (pdf)

If you have chosen to pursue a divorce with children in Iowa and have reached an agreement, certain forms are required for the filing process. The necessary forms include:

  1. Petition For Dissolution Of Marriage: This initiates the divorce proceedings and outlines basic information such as your names, addresses, and details about any children involved.
  2. Child Custody And Visitation: This form addresses the custody arrangements for your minor children, including legal and physical custody rights, visitation schedules, and decision-making authority.
  3. Child Support Guidelines Worksheet: This document determines the amount of child support to be paid based on the parents’ income, cost of living, and number of children. It calculates each parent’s financial responsibility towards supporting the children.
  4. Financial Affidavit: This form provides a summary of your current financial situation, including income, assets, debts, and monthly expenses. It helps determine fair child support, spousal support, and property division.
  5. Marital Settlement Agreement: This comprehensive agreement outlines your decisions regarding property division, spousal support, and any other important matters. Both parties must sign this document, signifying their acceptance and agreement.
  6. Child Support Recovery Unit (CSRU) Forms: CSRU forms establish a formal arrangement for child support collection and enforcement, ensuring the children receive the financial support they need.

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Iowa Divorce Papers F.A.Q.

Can you download divorce papers in Iowa?

To get divorce forms in Iowa, you can go online or to the District Clerks office, download them, fill them out yourself, and then have an attorney check before submitting.

What paperwork is needed for divorce in Iowa?

Some of the documents you will be asked to provide are: Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Summons, Affidavit of Service, Marital Settlement Agreement, and Financial Affidavit. Couples with children may require additional documents.

How do I get divorce papers served in Iowa?

To serve divorce papers in Iowa, first file the necessary documents with the court. Then, hire a professional process server or the sheriff to deliver the papers to the other party.

How much is a divorce paper in Iowa?

In Iowa, the divorce filing fee varies by county, generally ranging between $250 and $300. To proceed with the divorce, you must also pay a service fee and an issuance fee for having your spouse served with the necessary divorce papers.