Maryland Divorce Papers in PDF Format

If you want to handle your divorce without a lawyer, you must have the most current court-approved documents. Make sure you have the right Maryland Supreme Court family law forms for your specific situation. This will help you complete your divorce paperwork correctly. To make things easier, this article gives you a full list of Maryland divorce papers. You can look through them and download what you need, making your divorce process quicker and simpler.

Free Printable Maryland Uncontested Divorce Forms

To fill out divorce papers correctly in Maryland, you must give correct and full information. When the couple doesn’t have kids, you need to provide details about both people getting divorced. This includes their full names, addresses, and contact information. You also have to say why they’re getting divorced. This could be because both people agree to it, they’ve been separated, or there’s a specific reason that’s someone’s fault. Make sure to include information about any property, assets, and debts that belong to both people. You also need to explain how you think these should be divided between them.

When children are involved in a divorce, you must provide important details about them. This includes their full names, birthdates, and current living situation. You also need to fill out information about child custody, visitation, child support, and health insurance coverage in the forms.

For your convenience, printable divorce forms are available to download free of charge from the official Maryland State Courts website. Alternatively, you can obtain these forms from our website by directly downloading them below. Properly completing these forms will help ensure your divorce proceedings are accurate and comply with Maryland state laws.

Download Maryland Divorce Forms Without Child (pdf)

When filing for divorce in Maryland without children, you’ll need to fill out specific forms.

  1. Complaint for Absolute Divorce: Starts the divorce process. It includes basic details about you and your spouse, the reasons for the divorce, and any key issues that need to be worked out.
  2. Confidential Information Sheet: Contains private details about you and your spouse, like names, addresses, and contact info. This helps the court keep correct records.
  3. Financial Statement: Asks you to share your financial details, such as income, expenses, assets, and debts. This information helps with deciding how to divide property and calculate support payments.
  4. Joint Statement of Marital Property: If you and your spouse have shared assets and debts, this form lists all marital property and liabilities, providing a comprehensive view of what needs to be divided.
  5. Marital Settlement Agreement: If you and your spouse have reached an agreement regarding property division, alimony, and other issues, this document outlines the terms and conditions agreed upon by both parties.
  6. Request for Default: If your spouse fails to respond within a specified time frame, this form allows you to request a default judgment, which can expedite the divorce process.
  7. Final Decree of Divorce: This form concludes the divorce process and officially grants the divorce, specifying any orders regarding property division, alimony, or other outstanding matters.
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Download Maryland Divorce Forms With Minor Child (pdf)

When filing for an agreed divorce with children in Maryland, you must fill out several important forms.

  1. Complaint for Absolute Divorce: This form initiates the divorce proceedings and declares your intentions to dissolve the marriage. It includes general information about you and your spouse, as well as details about your children if applicable.
  2. Civil Domestic Case Information Report: This form provides the court with essential information about your case, such as the grounds for divorce, child custody arrangements, child support, and alimony requests.
  3. Child Support Guidelines: This form outlines the calculations used to determine the amount of child support that will be paid by the non-custodial parent. It takes into account various factors, including each parent’s income, child-related expenses, and the number of children involved.
  4. Joint Statement of Marital Property: This form outlines the distribution of marital assets and debts between you and your spouse. It helps determine a fair division of property and assists the court in making decisions regarding financial matters.
  5. Joint Statement of Minor Children: This form provides important details about your children, such as their ages, addresses, and current custody arrangements. It helps the court in evaluating the best interests of the children when making decisions related to custody and visitation.

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Maryland Divorce Papers F.A.Q.

Can you download divorce papers in Maryland?

To get Maryland divorce forms for a pro se divorce, you can download them from the internet or get them at the District Clerk’s office. Fill out the forms yourself, but have a lawyer look them over before submitting them to the court.

What paperwork is needed for divorce in Maryland?

When filing for divorce, you’ll need to submit a Complaint for Absolute Divorce, Marital Settlement Agreement, and Financial Statements. If you have children, you must also provide a Parenting Plan and Child Support Worksheet.

How do I get divorce papers served in Maryland?

In Maryland, you can serve divorce papers by hiring a sheriff or a licensed private process server. Give them the necessary documents and pay the fee.

How much is a divorce paper in Maryland?

In Maryland, filing for divorce costs around $250 to $300, but the exact amount depends on the county. If you need to have your spouse served with divorce papers, you’ll also have to pay a service fee and an issuance fee on top of the filing fee.