Missouri Divorce Papers in PDF Format

If you have made the decision to handle your divorce proceedings without a lawyer and are confident in your ability to reach an agreement with your spouse concerning family and property matters outside of the courtroom, it is essential that you possess up-to-date and court-approved documents. To ease this process, we have compiled a comprehensive list of Missouri Supreme Court family law forms on this page. With just a few simple clicks, you can conveniently access and print divorce papers specifically tailored to Missouri courts, ensuring the smooth progression of your legal procedure.

Free Printable Missouri Uncontested Divorce Forms

To properly fill out divorce papers in Missouri, you will need certain essential information. For divorce cases without children, you must provide details about yourself, your spouse, and your marriage. This includes full names, addresses, Social Security numbers, and dates of birth. You will also need to state the grounds for divorce, which can be based on irretrievable breakdown or separation for at least six months. Additionally, information about your property, assets, debts, and whether spousal support is sought must be included.

In divorce cases involving children, you will need to furnish the above-mentioned particulars, along with information about each child, including their names, dates of birth, and addresses. Additionally, details regarding child custody, visitation schedules, child support, medical insurance coverage, and other related aspects should be provided.

For your convenience, you can download free printable divorce forms from the official Missouri State Courts website. Alternatively, you can also obtain these forms directly from our website by downloading them below. It is important to note that these separate forms cater to divorce cases with and without children, so be sure to choose the appropriate forms based on your specific circumstances.

Download Missouri Divorce Forms Without Child (pdf)

If you have made the decision to file for divorce in Missouri and there are no children involved, it is necessary to obtain and complete the following forms:

  1. Petition for Dissolution of Marriage: This form is used to initiate the divorce process. It states the grounds for divorce and provides a basic overview of the marriage.
  2. Certificate of Dissolution of Marriage: This document, once completed, formally dissolves the marriage. It includes information about both parties and the reasons for divorce.
  3. Marital Settlement Agreement: This form outlines the division of assets, debts, and property between both spouses. It covers topics such as real estate, bank accounts, vehicles, and other joint possessions.
  4. Financial Disclosure Statement: This form requires both parties to disclose their financial information, including income, expenses, assets, and debts. It ensures transparency and fairness during the divorce proceedings.
  5. Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage: This form is the final decree that officially ends the marriage. It addresses all issues regarding the divorce, including property division, spousal support, and the restoration of former names if desired.
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Download Missouri Divorce Forms With Minor Child (pdf)

If you have decided to have an agreed divorce with children in Missouri, you will need to fill out the following required forms:

  1. Petition for Dissolution of Marriage: This form initiates the divorce process and states the reasons for seeking a divorce. It also includes information about the children involved, such as custody and support arrangements.
  2. Child Support Worksheet: This form determines the amount of child support that needs to be paid by one parent to the other. It considers factors like income, expenses, and the number of children to calculate the appropriate amount.
  3. Parenting Plan: This form outlines the agreed-upon schedule and responsibilities for the custody and visitation of the children. It addresses matters such as holidays, vacations, and decision-making authority for educational and medical issues.
  4. Marital Settlement Agreement: This form details how property, debts, and assets will be divided between the divorcing couple. It sets forth the agreed-upon terms concerning spousal support, if applicable.
  5. Response to Petition: This form is used when both parties have reached an agreement and wish to proceed with an uncontested divorce. It confirms that the respondent agrees to the terms in the petition and consents to the divorce.
  6. Final Judgement and Decree of Dissolution of Marriage: This form finalizes the divorce and includes the court’s orders regarding custody, child support, property division, and any other relevant issues. It legally ends the marriage.

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Missouri Divorce Papers F.A.Q.

Can you download divorce papers in Missouri?

To get the divorce forms in Missouri, either download them online or acquire them from the District Clerks office. Fill them out yourself, then have an attorney check them before filing.

What paperwork is needed for divorce in Missouri?

Some of the documents you will be asked to provide are: a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage, Summons, and an Affidavit of Service. Couples with children will also need to provide additional documents related to child custody and support.

How do I get divorce papers served in Missouri?

To get divorce papers served in Missouri, you must hire a licensed process server or arrange for the sheriff to deliver the papers to your spouse.

How much are divorce papers in Missouri?

In Missouri, the divorce filing fee varies depending on the county. Typically, it ranges from $250 to $300. You will also need to pay a service fee and issuance fee if your spouse needs to be served with divorce papers.