Oklahoma Divorce Papers in PDF Format

If you’re handling your own divorce and believe you can agree with your spouse on the terms, make sure your divorce papers are current and approved by the court. You’ll need to fill out the required forms yourself, which means locating the appropriate Oklahoma Supreme Court family law forms that apply to your particular situation. To make things easier for you, we’ve gathered all these forms on this page, so you can easily review and download the needed divorce papers for Oklahoma courts with just a few clicks.

Free Printable Oklahoma Uncontested Divorce Forms

When completing divorce documents in Oklahoma, provide key details about you and your spouse, such as your legal names, where you live now, birthdays, and your wedding date and location. Also, mention any prior marriages for both of you.

For parents, include your children’s names, birthdays, and where they currently reside. You’ll need to state if child custody and support plans exist. Gather financial information like income, assets, debts, and property for both spouses.

Oklahoma uses different forms for divorces with and without children. You can get these forms for free from the Oklahoma State Courts website or download printable versions directly from our site.

Download Oklahoma Divorce Forms Without Child (pdf)

To file for a childless divorce in Oklahoma, you must get and fill out the required forms.

  1. Petition for Divorce: Starts the process, providing marriage details and reasons for the divorce.
  2. Summons: Served with the Petition, informs your spouse of the divorce filing and their response deadline.
  3. Entry of Appearance and Waiver: If your spouse agrees to the divorce and is not contesting it, they can sign this form to waive their right to be personally served with the divorce papers.
  4. Notice of Automatic Temporary Injunction: Alerts both parties to the restraining orders that prevent major changes during the divorce.
  5. Final Decree of Divorce: The court’s order that legally ends your marriage, addressing property division and other agreed-upon or court-ordered matters.
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Download Oklahoma Divorce Forms With Minor Child (pdf)

To get an agreed divorce with children in Oklahoma, you must complete several forms.

  1. Petition for Dissolution: Filed by the spouse wanting the divorce, starts the process and explains why.
  2. Summons: Notifies the other spouse about the divorce filing and their rights and duties.
  3. Entry of Appearance and Waiver: The responding spouse fills out this form acknowledging getting the petition and giving up the right to be served personally.
  4. Child Custody and Visitation Plan: Describes the proposed custody and visitation setup for the children, including where they will mainly live and when each parent will see them.
  5. Child Support Worksheet: Determines the support amount based on both parents’ income and child-related costs.
  6. Child Support Order: Specifies the support amount and payment schedule.
  7. Decree of Divorce: Officially ends the marriage, incorporating the agreed terms for child custody, visitation, and support.

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Oklahoma Divorce Papers F.A.Q.

Can you download divorce papers in Oklahoma?

You can get divorce forms from the District Clerk’s office or download them online in Oklahoma. Complete the forms yourself, but have a lawyer look them over before filing.

What paperwork is needed for divorce in Oklahoma?

To divorce in Oklahoma, you’ll need a Petition for Divorce, Summons, and Waiver of Service. If you have children, additional documents about custody and support are also required.

How do I get divorce papers served in Oklahoma?

To serve divorce papers in Oklahoma, fill out a summons and petition for divorce, pay the fee, and use a process server or ask the sheriff’s office to deliver the papers.

How much is a divorce paper in Oklahoma?

Filing for divorce in Oklahoma costs between $250 and $300, depending on the county. You’ll also pay service and issuance fees if you need to serve your spouse the divorce papers.