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The word divorce can ignite a furor among many because of its ill effects. Such is the drastic effects of divorce that many partners go for counseling, or take alternative measures to save the family from getting dispersed. Even lawyers try to re-conciliate issues between spouses before beginning the divorce procedures. They make sure that there is no stone left unturned before a family is torn apart. Divorce procedures these days are quite simplified considering the emotional and mental trauma that people go through during the process. Most partners also opt to do a divorce all by their own as it is easy on their pockets and less time consuming, because they do not have to run around looking for lawyers. Getting an idea of the entire divorce process comes very handy when filing a divorce. You can get all the information you require from the Internet or even consult a lawyer to get a clear picture of the divorce process. Although the procedure to file a divorce is similar in most states one should fulfill the necessary residential requirements of the state before taking the step ahead.

Arizona state residential requirements:

One of the spouses must have resided in the state at least 90 days before filing for dissolution of marriage. The divorce should be filed in the county in which the petitioner resides at the time of filing. [Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated; Title 12, Chapter 401; and Title 25, Chapter 312].For more information on filing a divorce see our page on how to file for divorce.

Legal grounds to dissolve a marriage:

The legal grounds for dissolution of marriage are: No-Fault: 1) Irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. [Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated; Title 25, Chapter 312].

Do It Yourself Divorce: When doing a divorce all by yourself one can either do an agreed divorce or a default divorce. The procedure to file a divorce either ways is quite simple and thereby done by many who wish to go separate ways.

Agreed Divorce: In an agreed divorce both the parties agree for the divorce and thus is the simplest forms of separation. The divorce documents are signed by both the spouses giving their mutual consent for a divorce. Decisions of child support, property distribution and parental responsibilities are also taken in the best interest of the situation. An agreed divorce is thus a popular choice among many partners. It is less hassle free and since the divorce is agreed by both the spouses it becomes easier for the court to pass a verdict and pronounce a divorce within the set time frame.

Default Divorce: A default divorce on the other hand is done by one of the spouses. The other spouse in such a case is either missing, cannot be contacted, or is just not interested to give his/her consent for the divorce. They do not acknowledge the court orders and neither are present for the hearings. In such a situation, the spouse filing for a divorce would still be granted with one and the other spouses consent is taken as default. In a default divorce the spouse who files for it usually gets everything that is listed in the divorce settlement papers.

Missing Spouse: In some cases the spouse cannot be traced. This generally happens to be a case of a default divorce. However, the spouse who files for a divorce has to submit a proof in court in order to let the court know that the spouse is gone missing and efforts to trace the missing spouse hasn't been fruitful. Generally an advertisement in the newspaper or other medium can be used as a proof to be produced in court. One can get a divorce even when the spouse goes missing under the default category.

Arizona divorce procedures have been simplified for people to go through it without any difficulties. One should however be careful while filing the divorce forms considering the fact that a divorce is a legal binding and thus all the procedures should be followed keeping the law in mind.


  1. Use these words, all capital letters: IN THE SUPERIOR COURT IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF, ARIZONA
  2. Use these exact words, all in capital letters: PETITION FOR THE DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE
  3. Use the word "Petitioner". Be sure the "P" is capitalized.
  4. Use the word "Respondent". Be sure the "R" is capitalized.
  5. Use these exact words, all in capital letters: DECREE OF DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE
  6. Use the word "County" here.

For detailed divorce laws in Arizona state, please see Arizona Divorce Laws page.

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Following divorce forms are free for download. Most of the forms are provided with instructions on how to fill the form. To download any of these divorce papers and forms just right click on the link and select "Save As...".

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If you don't want to file for divorce papers directly then find Divorce Lawyers in Arizona here.

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