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Divorce procedures in the state of Arkansas are not different than any other state. However, one should fulfill the residential requirements of the state in order to file a divorce. Divorce procedures have become quite simple in the recent times and many opt to do a divorce all on their own. The process involves filing the divorce papers and attending the court hearing. Divorce papers and documents can be obtained online and without spending any amount towards it. Arkansas is no different than any other state as Arkansas divorce forms and papers can also be obtained in the similar fashion. One should however consult a lawyer or if possible get the forms checked before filing a divorce in case you are opting for a, do it yourself divorce. It is also necessary that you fulfill the residential requirements of the state in order to be eligible for filing a divorce in the state of Arkansas.

Residential Requirements for the state of Arkansas:

The spouse who files the divorce must reside in the state for 60 days and for 3 months before a divorce is finalized. The divorce must be filed in the county of the plaintiff. If the plaintiff is a nonresident of Arkansas, the divorce may be filed for in the county where the defendant resides. The venue requirements may be waived in Arkansas. [Arkansas Code of 1987 Annotated; Title 9, Chapters 12-301 and 12-303]. For more information on filing divorce see our page on how to file a divorce.

Legal ground for a divorce:

Legal grounds for a no-fault divorce are: Voluntarily living separate and apart without cohabitation for 3 years. [Arkansas Code of 1987 Annotated; Title 9, Chapter 12-301].

The grounds for a fault based divorce range from adultery, impotence, felony conviction, mental illness for 3 years or more, insanity, inhuman or cruel treatment, drunkenness, conviction for a crime, or unsupportable behavior.

Agreed divorce and default divorce:

A divorce can be obtained on an agreed basis or by default. The ground for a divorce does not determine the way how a divorce is obtained. Divorces can be obtained even if one of the spouses is missing or is not bothered to respond to the court summons or for that matter even attend the court hearings.

An agreed divorce is the most widely used divorce methods by partners. In an agreed divorce both the parties are in agreement with the divorce and its conditions and terms. Usually the terms such as child custody, parental support and property distribution along with alimony share is what both the parties agree upon. Apart from this the debt and liabilities are also equally shared among both the parties in case they own a shared property or liabilities. An agreed divorce is less hassle free and simple. It is also less time consuming compared to contested divorce or divorces that lead to trial. This kind of divorce also does not involve digging out dirty laundry of the spouses but is done in a more civilized manner where irreconcilable differences is the most common reason for getting separated.

A default divorce on the other hand is not signed by one of the spouses. The divorce is carried by one active spouse whereas the other spouse just defaults the case. In a default divorce the active spouse gets everything by law and the things listed in the divorce decree. This kind of divorce is not very common, however, there are exceptions where the spouse is untraceable or is least bothered of the divorce proceedings. In such a case divorce is still granted and thus termed as default divorce.

Missing Spouse:

In case of missing spouse, the partner filing for a divorce has to submit proof in the court justifying that there have been innumerable measured taken to trace the spouse but to no avail. In such a case a case, the spouse has to spend extra on putting an advertisement in the newspaper of other mediums in a bid to trace the spouse. This also stands as a proof in the court of law.


  1. Use these exact words, all in capital letters: IN THE CHANCERY COURT OF ARKANSAS
  2. Use the words, all capital letters: COMPLAINT FOR DIVORCE
  3. Use the word "Plaintiff". Be sure the "P" is capitalized.
  4. Use the word "Defendant". Be sure the "D" is capitalized.
  5. Use the words, all capital letters: DECREE OF DIVORCE
  6. Use the word "County" here.
For detailed divorce laws in Arkansas state, please see Arkansas Divorce Laws page.

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Following divorce forms are free for download. Most of the forms are provided with instructions on how to fill the form. To download any of these divorce papers and forms just right click on the link and select "Save As...".

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If you don't want to file for divorce papers directly then find Divorce Lawyers in Arkansas here.

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