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In the year 2000, it was recorded that more than 15 million children in the United States experienced that their parents had taken divorce. It must be noted that children like these face multiple losses in life. The children of divorced parents lose their nuclear family and have to cope with abandonment. Some of these feel that their childhood has been lost. They have to carry the burden of economic and physical responsibilities to support a single parent.

It has been observed that divorced parents rest their fragile egos on their children and consequently these children lose their peers. A section of these children believe that they are the original cause of divorce. They struggle with these thoughts and lose their self esteem. Moreover, they sense that it is their obligation to bring everything back on the correct track. As these plans are based on wrong assumptions, the plans rarely succeed and this increases the children's feeling of failure.

Children of divorce desire the following from their divorced parents.

  • The parents should be a part of the child's life. The child expects daddy and mummy to raise the child, teach the child what is important and assist the child when it has problems
  • When parent 1 talks regarding parent 2 with the child, the child expects parent 1 to speak only nice things about parent 2 or not speak anything at all. If parent 1 says unkind and mean things about parent 2, the child feels that parent 1 is expecting the child to take parent 1s side
  • The child expects each parent to communicate directly with the other parent. The child is reluctant to send messages between the two
  • The child wishes to enjoy the time spent with each parent and during it love the parent. During this time, the parent should support the child. If the parent displays frustration or jealousy, the child concludes that he / she should take side of one of the parent and love one of them more than the other
  • The parents should not fight regarding issues concerning the child in front of the child. If they do so, the child feels that he / she has done something wrong and develops a guilty feeling
  • If the parents don't get themselves involved with the child, the child feels he / she is not important and the parents do not love him / her. So, the parents should ask the child several questions, make phone calls and write letters
Let us look at some concepts related to the role played by children and parents in the entire process divorce:

Here are some topics associated with children and divorce:

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  • Several facts regarding ACOD and recommendations for the same
  • Aftermaths on children for varied age groups
  • A brief on behavioral facts of young children and approach of parents towards their kids
  • Various factors of child custody
  • Behavorial transformations observed in different age groups of children
  • Manner of addressing the teenagers
  • An effort to make the divorce child friendly
  • Positive effect or other ways that the children may benefit from a divorce
  • Factors associated with child placement in divorce
  • An overview on reaction of children to divorce with statistics
  • Questions asked by children
  • Reactions of children of separated parents during their growing years
  • A program(CODIP) which helps children in dealing with different situations
  • Documents to be filed at various stages and methods of service of documents in Uncontested Divorce
  • The significance of the Fourth Commandment and the Biblical Story of Exile are referred to for help
  • General quotes on divorce by children

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