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In this state, alimony is referred to as spousal support. This is a monthly payment of money from one partner to another. The court reserves the right to order alimony payment prior to the finalization of the divorce or after the finalization or both. In a majority of cases, the court issues orders regarding this payment for a particular reason and for a limited duration.

Factors considered by the court in Divorce Alaska Alimony

The courts in this state ponder on the following topics related to both partners seeking divorce and then finalize whether the award of alimony is fair and required.

  • Division of property and debts amongst the partners
  • Whether any of the partners has unreasonably spent money in marital life?
  • Whether the partners have taken care of their children?
  • Whether the partners have been employed during marital life?
  • The number of months or years of work experience that each spouse has
  • The professional skills of each spouse
  • The educational level of each partner
  • The amount of money each partner can earn at present
  • The health condition and age of each partner
  • What duration has been spent as a married couple?
  • Any other relevant factors

Types of Divorce Alaska Alimony

Reorientation Support

  • This payment is made with an intention that the receiving spouse must become conversant to live using less money than what was used when he/she was married
  • The duration of payment is very brief, approximately less than 12 months
  • This support is awarded usually when the distribution of marital property does not fulfill the needs of the spouse.
  • An example of reorientation support: While a spouse is waiting to sell his/her residence, this spouse is offered alimony

Rehabilitation Support

  • The intent of this support is that the receiving spouse must use it for getting educated in school or for job training
  • Generally, the receiving spouse has to clarify the following points in the court
    • His/Her work goal
    • How the school/training program would enable to fulfill that goal
    • The duration necessary to attain that goal
  • The court awards rehabilitation support for a reasonable period essential to complete a degree program. This is generally up to 4 years
  • The concept of this sort of support is that the receiving spouse must use this payment to acquire skills or get promoted in the job. The court may cancel this payment if it is observed that the receiving spouse is spending the money for some other purpose

Depending on the facts of a specific case, the court might grant both these alimonies simultaneously to one person.

Steps to procure Alaska Alimony

  • The partner seeking divorce must make a request for alimony in the FLSHC (Family Law Self Help Center) divorce complaint (the "other" section)
  • Some partners may be in need of alimony prior to the finalization of the divorce. Such a person must also file a motion demanding "Interim Spousal Support"

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