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Marriage is the union of two people formed on the basis of trust, support and commitment. But, not every marital relationship succeeds throughout the lifetime. There are many reasons that lead the couple to take a decision of the dissolution of marriage. It means a disintegration of the family. The most important issue in a dissolution contemplating procedure is that of parenting plan. Every state handles this issue according to its own rules and regulations. Divorce custody in Iowa is decided by taking family laws into consideration.

In this state, physical responsibility might be granted to any parent. However, in most cases, the state prefers awarding joint legal plan. As a joint legal custodian, there are rights and responsibilities for equal participation in religious instruction, extracurricular activities, education, medical care and legal status.

Factors considered by court in Divorce Custody in Iowa

The court takes into account the following factors while determining this issue.

  • Any past record of domestic abuse or violent behavior of any of the spouses.
  • Due to the grant of joint responsibility or unrestricted or unsupervised visitation, is the security of the family being endangered?
  • The physical proximity of the residences of spouses.
  • Are either the parents (or one of them) opposed to joint parenting plan?
  • Is the child acceding to the plan or opposing it? While contemplating this point, age and maturity of kid are important.
  • Whether each partner is endorsing the other's relationship with the minor?
  • Whether both the partners have shown active interest in the family, prior to separation? Which partner has cared and looked after a child after separation?
  • Are the spouses capable of talking with each other about the kid's requirements?
  • Whether due to dearth of active contact lack of attention from the parents, the emotional and psychological development and requirements would be hampered?
  • Can the person play the role of a suitable custodian?

Classification of Divorce Custody in Iowa

Legal responsibility implies the obligation and right of a person to make decisions regarding the upbringing, inclusive of medical care and school.

Physical guardianship indicates the obligation and right of a spouse to have a child reside with him/her.

Sole parenting means the following.

  • One spouse has both legal and physical rights.
  • The other one has visitation.
Joint parenting plan hints that couples the spouses do not live with one another, but share the responsibility of the upbringing. Joint Legal type of plan means the partners share the decision making responsibilities related to the child. Joint Physical guardianship implies that the kid spends a considerable duration of time with each partner.

The term "Split guardianship" comes into picture when the ex spouses have more than one kid. One of the examples of this type is that the father is awarded sole right over one of the sibling while the mother is granted sole guardianship of another. Thus, this involves separation of the siblings. The courts do not prefer this arrangement and are usually unwilling to enforce this sort of plan.

Child Custody accompanied by Visitation

A parent, who has not been awarded physical guardianship of a minor, is granted the right to visit the kid on a regular basis. This right is called Visitation. One of the forms of visitation is called as Supervised Visitation.

In Supervised Visitation, when the person (who has been granted visitation rights) performs meeting, the visit is supervised by a professional agency or any adult or by the parent (who has been granted physical custody). The objective of such supervision is to ensure the well being and safety of the child. This type of schedule is planned for the partner who has previous history of criminal record or extreme mental disturbances.

The unsupervised visitation is granted under normal circumstances. The partner may work on visitation schedule as per their convenience. Otherwise, they are asked to follow a schedule designed by court.

Some Other Aspects of Divorce Custody in Iowa

The service members on active duty can have complete legal rights or visiting rights over the child. If such member is called on duty, it shall not deprive him or her of the legal rights concerning the kids.

If a non-custodian fails to pay the monitory support, the other partner cannot restrict visitation rights in this case. Instead, a custodian should ask for court action against the contempt of legal order. If any third party has been appointed as custodian, visitation rights for both partners will remain intact, unless the court prohibits them from seeing a child.

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