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When filing for divorce or during its proceedings there would be several questions summing up in your mind. You need the answers to these questions, so that you are aware about all the facts about divorce laws in Alaska. When you are filing for divorce in a particular state, you need to know the divorce laws followed in that state. There are several Alaska divorce questions answered here that would prove helpful to you to plan your divorce proceedings. Along with divorce there are several other issues that you would need to deal with such as child custody, visitation rights, property division etc. We have answers to your several questions such as how to file a divorce in Alaska, what us the acceptable separation period in this state, how does the property distribution take place, what is the fees of Alaska divorce lawyers etc.

The examples of Alaska divorce questions are as follows:

Q. Is it essential to reside in this state before filing any divorce papers?

A. No duration has been specified as a residency time limit in this state. However, on the date of filing, the person must be a resident of this state.

Q. Prior to filing for a no fault divorce, is any separation period necessary?

A. No separation period has been specified as per the statute.

Q. Consider that an item of separate property was used during marital life for the benefit of both husband and wife (like, if the wife inherits silver table utensils and these are used by both of them). During property division, is this item divided?

A. When a property belongs to one of the partners prior to marriage and is used for the common benefit of both, then when division of property takes place, this property might be divided. The court takes into account the frequency of use when making the decision.

Q. In Alaska are common laws of marriage acceptable?

A. No. The common laws of marriage are not acceptable in Alaska.

Q. Which is the correct venue for a divorce case?

A. The Superior Court in the jurisdiction of the residence of the Defendant is the proper place where a divorce case must be filed.

Q. What are the fees of an Alaska divorce lawyer?

A. This depends on the normal charges of the Alaska divorce lawyer, the financial health of the divorcing partner, the nature of the divorce case, and the negotiating skills of the divorcing partner. It has been observed that the fees range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Q. In what circumstances, may the divorcing couple file jointly for a no fault divorce?

A. n the following circumstances, the divorcing couple should file jointly for a no fault divorce.

  • The partners have prepared an agreement about the payment of all unpaid obligations related to both in the past and the future
  • An agreement has been reached between the partners regarding distribution of all personal and real marital property
  • If the divorcing couple has minor child(ren) less than 19 years of age or the wife is carrying a child, then all divorce topics like visitation, support and custody must be settled between the two
  • The marriage has been irremediably broken down due to incompatibility of temperament

Q. How is the nature of fee arrangement of Alaska Divorce Lawyers?

A. There are 2 types of arrangements. One is an hourly rate and the other is a set flat fee.

Q. Which documents commence and grant the divorce?

A. In a fault based divorce, the divorce is initiated by the Complaint for Divorce and granted by the Judgment of Divorce. For a no fault divorce, the divorce is begun by Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and granted by the Decree of Dissolution of Marriage.

Q. How many days are allocated to the Defendant to file an answer?

A. 30 days are allocated to the Defendant to file an answer

Q. On what grounds of divorce can a divorce be filed in Alaska?


  • Incurable mental illness
  • Addiction to drugs or habitual drunkenness
  • Incompatibility of temperament
  • Personal indignities due to which life has become burdensome
  • Cruel and inhuman treatment
  • Willful desertion for one year
  • Conviction of a felony
  • Adultery
  • Failure to consummate the marriage
The Alaska divorce questions answered here are important questions and answers that will prove helpful for person thinking about filing divorce in the Alaska. You need to be aware about certain facts about divorce laws in a particular state before you file for a divorce in that state.

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