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During the divorce filing and proceedings there would be several questions you would need answer to. You would like to know answers to question such as for how long you and your divorcing partner must have lived in Arkansas to obtain a divorce, what is the minimum waiting period in Arkansas, what is the legal procedure to change name, what is the minimum separation period required in this state, what are the acceptable grounds of divorce in Arkansas, are the common laws applicable in this state, is this state a no fault state, do non-custodial parent have a right to information etc. Here we have mentioned a list of Arkansas divorce questions that you would like to go through as it they will prove helpful. You would easily understand the divorce filing procedures in Arkansas and other related legal laws.

Some examples of Arkansas divorce questions are as follows:

In order to obtain a divorce in this state, for how long the divorcing partner must have lived in this state?

A. Prior to the filing date of the divorce papers, the divorcing partner must have lived in this state for minimum 60 days. Moreover, prior to the date on which the final judgment granting the divorce is made, this partner must have resided 3 full months in this state.

Q. How much is the waiting period in this state?

A. A Waiting Period means the number of days after the date of filing till the date on which the divorce might be granted. This state has specified a waiting period of 30 days.

Q. In Arkansas what are the legal steps that need to be taken to change name?

A. The first step is that the court must conclude that either partner is eligible for a divorce. When this condition is fulfilled, the court might restore the name of the wife to that which existed prior to the marriage that is being dissolved.

Q. How much is the separation period in this state?

A. As per Arkansas divorce law, the divorcing couple must have resided separately for 18 months, before they can be granted divorce. During this period of 18 months, they must not have exercised marital rights over each other. In cases when this condition is not fulfilled and still the couple wants to dissolve the marriage, there must be grounds for marital misconduct.

Q. Can this state be categorized as a No fault state?

A. No. As a matter of fact, the sole grounds of divorce are those of marital misconduct or separation.

Q. Does the non-custodial parent have a right to information?

A. Consider a non-custodial parent who has been granted visitation rights. Such a parent is eligible to be provided with present scholastic records of the child or children whenever the parent makes a request for the same.

Q. Win Arkansas what are the grounds on which a divorce is filed?


  • The divorcing partner have resided apart and separate from one another for 18 consecutive months in the absence of cohabitation, irrespective of reason or fault
  • When any partner, who is legally obligated to support the other, is not successful in behaving in this manner
  • ncurable insanity of the divorcing partner
  • If after the marriage, either partner has committed adultery
  • If life of any partner has become intolerable due to indignities
  • The barbarous and cruel treatment of any partner has resulted in the other partner's life becoming intolerable
  • Habitual drunkenness for a span of 1 year
  • Conviction of a felony or any other notorious act
  • If at the time of marriage, either partner was impotent and is presently impotent

Q. Are common laws applicable in Arkansas?

A. Arkansas is not a common law state. Those who have been married in accordance with common laws are not legally considered as a married couple but are looked upon as separate man and woman.

Q. In Arkansas what is the procedure to get a simplified uncontested divorce?

A. To get an uncontested simplified divorce in Arkansas, the divorcing partners need to submit spouse's residency proof, no cohabitation proof, and separation proof. All these documents need to be affidavit and should bear the sign of third party. It is not necessary to get the grounds of divorce proof signed by the third party.

The Arkansas divorce questions and answers listed above will prove of great help to those who plan to file or have filed for divorce in Arkansas. It is essential to keep yourself updated about the different divorce laws that are applicable in Arkansas.

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