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The divorcing partners need to be aware about various divorce laws in the state they are applying for divorce. Even during the divorce proceedings one should keep updated about the divorce procedures and various other related rules. It would help you to ease the paperwork you need to do during the proceedings of the divorce. One should be aware whether common laws are applicable in the state they are filing divorce. Every state has different acceptable grounds for divorce, separation requirement, visitation rights, property distribution procedures, spousal support grants etc. Here we have mentioned a list of relevant Colorado divorce questions that you would like to read to solve your queries related to divorce in Colorado. A person filing a divorce or going through the proceedings of divorce should keep him or herself aware about the divorce laws in the state that person is filing or has filed a divorce.

The Colorado divorce questions are listed below:

Q. Explain some of the basic terms related to Colorado divorce?

A. The divorcing partner who files the divorce papers is referred as the Petitioner. The other divorcing partner, who is served the divorce papers, is labeled as the Respondent. The procedure of divorce is initiated by the document known as Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. The document that is used to grant the judgment is called as the Decree of Dissolution of Marriage.

Q. Prior to filing for divorce in this state, is there any separation requirement?

A. In this state, there are no separation requirements before one file for divorce.

Q. What is the approach of this state regarding no fault laws and common laws?

A. This state can be categorized as a no fault state. As a matter of fact, it is not possible to file for divorce with grounds. This state acknowledges common laws. However, both the spouses must prove that they have adhered to common laws. If the couple wishes to prove that they have followed common laws, then cohabitation must exist between the couple.

Q. Which grounds of divorce are acceptable in this state?

A. The State of Colorado recognizes only a singular ground of divorce and this is irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. This is categorized as a no fault ground of divorce. It is implied that the fault of any party in demolishing the marriage is never an issue in this state.

Q. Whether separate property of the spouses is included while making an equitable distribution of property?

A. Separate property is defined as the one which is attained by the spouses prior to marriage or due to inheritance or as a gift at any time. The court tests whether this type of property or its income has been utilized for the common benefit of the spouses in marital life. If no, then this property is not included in the distribution of property.

Q. Which conditions must be fulfilled to obtain a judgment for dissolution of marriage in case of Summary (Simplified) Dissolution of Marriage?


  • The divorcing spouses have developed a separation agreement that includes the division of the marital property or there is no marital property that is to be distributed by the court
  • There is an absence of contested issues
  • The non filing spouse has effected the service of process
  • The divorcing spouses have entered in a separation agreement that includes topics like child support and child custody or the spouses do not have any minor children and the wife is not pregnant

Q. Which points are considered by the court while granting spousal support?


  • The ability of the spouse disbursing support to fulfill self needs as well as the needs of the spouse requesting support
  • The emotional condition, physical condition and age of the spouse requesting for support
  • The duration of marital life
  • The standard of living enjoyed in marital life
  • What time span is essential for the spouse requesting support to undergo enough education or training to acquire apt employment
  • The financial resources of the spouse requesting for support
The Colorado divorce questions list and their answers provided above will prove helpful to you to solve your queries related to divorce in Colorado. Along with divorce you would also like to know about spousal support rules, property distribution rules, separation requirement period etc. Being aware about the fact that common law and no fault law are applicable in this state will help to ease your divorce filing and proceeding process. You should know about simplified dissolution of marriage, if you plan to file a no contested divorce.

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