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To file a divorce in Kentucky, you need to first know the divorce laws in this state. It is essential to be aware about the rules and regulation of any state before filing for divorce in that particular state. There would be loads of question for which you need an answer to. The legal terms and procedures are not easy to understand. Therefore, here we have provided a list of important and relevant Kentucky divorce questions. Answers to these questions will provide you details about the Kentucky divorce procedures and other related legal terms. When you think about filing divorce in any state, you want to know the different grounds of divorce that are acceptable in that state, child support rules, visitation issues, child custody issues, filing fees, minimum residency requirement, alimony criteria etc.

Examples of Kentucky divorce questions are as follows:

Q.Which grounds of divorce are permissible in this state?

A. There is a single ground of divorce in this state as follows

  • Irretrievable breakdown of marriage coupled with no reasonable prospect of reconciliation

Q. How is the issue of child support resolved by the court?

A. Child support guidelines have been established by the court. They are used to determine the presumed correct amount of support. However, if the court reaches a conclusion that application of these guidelines would be inappropriate or unjust, then the courts deviate from these.

Q. What factors does the court consider while finalizing child custody and visitation issues?

A. The court intends to provide for the best interests of the child. For this, it may grant custody to any parent irrespective of gender, after contemplating on the following issues:

  • Physical and mental health of all the individuals related to the child
  • The adjustment of the child in community, school and home
  • The interaction between the child and the siblings as well as the child and the parents
  • The desires of the child

Q. Is the filing fee same in all counties in this state?

A. No. In every county, there is a different filing fee.

Q. What are the residency requirements in this state?

A. The partner, who files for divorce, must be a resident of this state for 180 days or 6 months (whatever is more) prior to the filing date.

Q. Till when is a parent obligated to pay child support?

A. The parent is obligated to pay child support amount till the emancipation of the minor child, except when the child is 18 years old and attending high school. If the child is in high school and then turns 18 years of age, the support obligation remains in existence till the conclusion of the school year during which the child becomes 19 years old.

Q. Consider that a couple has utilized an object of separate property for the benefit of both. How does this affect property distribution?

A. In such circumstances, there is more possibility that the object of separate property might be distributed. The court takes into account the frequency of use of this object prior to forming a decision.

Q. How does the court take a decision regarding property distribution?

A. This state is known to be an equitable distribution state. The court ensures that the distribution of debts and property is equitable and fair, but not essentially equal.

Q. When is separate property not distributed amongst the divorcing partners?

A. Property that is attained prior to the marriage or by inheritance or gifted during marriage is categorized as Separate Property. If neither the property nor any income from the property is utilized for the common benefit of the divorcing partners, then such a property is not divided.

Q. While finalizing the amount of alimony, which factors does the court consider?

A. Some of the factors are as follows.

  • The capacity of the payor partner to fulfill self needs along with the requirements of the partner requesting alimony
  • The emotional and physical condition of the partner requesting support along with their ages
  • The duration of the marriage
  • The standard of living experienced in marital status
The Kentucky divorce questions mentioned here will prove helpful to you, to know about the divorce related laws in this state. The information provided through these question and answers is not limited to divorce but also include information related to other elements of divorce such as alimony, child custody, property distribution, visitation right etc. The divorce couple should go through important details about divorce procedures in a state before filing divorce in that state. If the divorcing couple has children from their marriage, then they should get information about child custody.

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