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During the divorce process, you get emotionally stressed out. By being unaware about legal terms and divorce laws, you tend to add more stress and financial pressure. People filing for divorce should gain knowledge about divorce related procedures and different legal terms. If one understands the divorce process in the state where they plan to apply for divorce, then they can save financially and reduce stress related to paperwork and lengthy divorce process. The people planning about filing for divorce in Louisiana would have several questions related to divorce process in this state. Therefore, here we have provided a list of Louisiana divorce questions that would prove of great help to those who have queries related to divorce laws in Louisiana.

Some examples of Louisiana Divorce Questions:

Q. Explain some terms related to Louisiana Divorce?

A. The Petitioner is a term to refer to the divorcing partner who files the divorce action. The Respondent is a term which means the spouse of the Petitioner. The document that commences the divorce procedure is known as the Petition for Divorce. The Judgment of Divorce is a document that grants the divorce.

Q. What grounds of divorce are recognized in this state?

A. The fault grounds are as follows.

  • Any partner has committed a felony and due to this has been sentenced to imprisonment with hard labor or death
  • Adultery
  • The partners have been residing apart and separate for a duration of minimum 6 months
In a No Fault divorce, there is no need to prove a marital breakdown or apart and separate residence or any other reason for divorce. For grant of the no fault divorce, the following issues must be fulfilled.
  • The partners are living apart and separate since the filing date of the divorce petition
  • 180 days have passed by since the filing date

Q. In Louisiana are common law marriages acceptable?

A. No.

Q. With the intention of saving money, is it permissible that a single divorce lawyer should represent both the divorcing partners?

A. No, each divorcing partner must be represented separately as per the divorce law in this state.

Q. Is it advisable to represent self in court?

A. Divorcing partners have a legal right to represent self in court. However, it has been observed that a divorce lawyer can represents the interests of a divorcing partner in the court in a better manner. Thus, it is not advisable to represent self in court.

Q. How do the divorce lawyers charge their clients?

A. Some divorce lawyers levy a predetermined fee. However, a large number of them charge by the hour.

Q. Provide a brief about Spousal support in Louisiana?

A. There are 2 types of spousal support (i.e. Alimony) in this state.

  • Temporary Support: While the divorce is pending, some spouses do not have enough income for maintenance. In such a case, the court may award temporary support. The court takes into account the standard of living that existed during marital life, while determining the amount of alimony
  • Permanent Support: This support is offered to a divorced partner who is so needy that the alimony is essential to fulfill the basic necessities of life. This type of support is offered when the divorced partner has not committed any fault in the breakdown of the marriage and lacks means for self support

Q. How to select the proper place for filing a divorce case?

A. There are 2 options as regards to the proper place for filing a divorce case.

  • The parish which is the domicile of either party
  • The parish wherein the divorcing partners last lived together

Q. What are the residency requirements in this state?

A. Either one or both divorcing partners must have a domicile in this state. If any divorcing partner has retained a residence in this state for minimum 6 months, it is assumed that this partner has a domicile in Louisiana.

The Louisiana divorce questions and answers mentioned above have been complied considering the important facts that one needs to know about Louisiana divorce. Every state has different residency requirement. In Louisiana, the acceptable residency requirement is 6 months and one or both the divorcing partners should have domicile in this state. To file for divorce the divorcing partners should know where exactly do they need to file for one. In Louisiana, the divorcing partners either need to file for divorce in the parish where the either divorcing partner resides or the parish where the last lived together. One should know answers to all such important questions related to divorce, when they are planning to file for divorce.

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