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You might have made several attempts to save your marriage, but all the attempts must have gone in vain. Now when you have decided to file for divorce, you do not need more stress by going through repeated paperwork and financial losses. To avoid additional financial loss and stress, you need to keep yourself updated about the divorce law and procedure followed in the state, where you are planning of filing for your divorce. While filing or before filing a divorce, there would be several questions that you will face and need answer to. As a layman you will find it difficult to understand the different terms related to divorce. To help you understand the legal divorce procedures and legal terms used in Maryland, we have provided a list of Maryland divorce questions below.

Some important examples of divorce questions for Maryland are as follows:

Q. If there are instances of domestic violence in married life, what step should the sufferer take?

A. The sufferer must approach the Circuit Court or State District Court and request a relief from the sufferings.

Q. In same sex relations in this state, can there be a case categorized as that of adultery?

A. Maryland Divorce Laws have defined adultery as a sexual intercourse between a married individual and an illicit lover. When a male organ enters the vagina, it is said that intercourse has taken place. With these laws in the background, adultery is not possible in case of a same sex relation.

Q. Which are the recognized grounds of divorce in this state?

Fault grounds

  • Excessive cruelty or vicious conduct
  • Insanity of either partner
  • Residing apart and separate for 2 years in the absence of cohabitation
  • Conviction of a felony
  • Residing apart and separate for 1 year voluntarily in the absence of cohabitation and having no reasonable possibility of reconciliation
  • Purposeful desertion for 1 year and no reasonable possibility of reconciliation
  • Adultery
No fault grounds
  • Voluntary separation for 2 years
  • Voluntary separation for 1 year

Q. Which points are considered by the court while deciding distribution of marital property?


  • The mental and physical condition and the age of both partners
  • The duration of marital life
  • The economic condition of both parties
  • The value of the property interests of each party
  • The input of each partner towards the well being of the family
  • Other factors that are considered just and relevant by the court

Q. In Maryland are grandparents given visitation rights?

A. Yes, only when the court concludes that it is in the best interests of the child to award the grandparents the visitation rights.

Q. How can one define voluntary separation?

A. When both the divorcing partners accede to reside separately in the absence of any sexual or physical relationship, then this condition can be called as Voluntary Separation.

Q.How is the process regarding determination of child support?

A. Child support guidelines have been printed in Maryland and these are to be used to determine presumptive exact amount of child support. It happens that sometimes the court concludes that adhering to these guidelines is inappropriate or unjust. Then, the court issues a written statement mentioning the causes for not following the guidelines and the amount that would have been granted if the guidelines were adhered to.

Q. Discuss the issue of separate property?

A. Separate property is that which has been attained prior to the marriage or by inheritance or gift during the marital life. Usually, such separate property is not considered for distribution by the court. However, sometimes it is observed that the separate property of one partner is utilized for the common benefit of both the partners. The frequency of such utilization is speculated by the court before arriving at the nature of distribution of this separate property.

The person thinking about filing for divorce to end their marriage, should gain knowledge about the legal procedures followed in the state where they intent to file a divorce. It is important one is aware about all the rules and regulations, so that they do not make any mistake that would cost them more financial and emotional loss. The list of important Maryland divorce questions and their appropriate answers mentioned above will help you to know and understand the legal divorce procedures in the state. There are several questions related to divorce in Maryland that will crop up you mind like issuing of separate property, child support rules, voluntary separation, visitation rights, distribution of marital property, grounds of divorce etc.

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