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The married couple who would like to end their marriage need to be aware about divorce related laws and procedures. It is essential for a person to know about divorce laws in the state where he or she is filing divorce. There are minor aspects of divorce that the person filing for divorce does not pay attention to and then end up adding more financial and emotional stress to the legal process of ending marriage. The list of Nevada divorce questions and their appropriate answers mentioned below would help you to understand the importance of certain related aspects of divorce. When the divorcing partners have child or children from their marriage, they might have queries related to calculations pertaining to child support. To file a divorce, one should know the grounds of divorce that are specified as per the divorce laws in Nevada.

The vital examples of divorce questions for Nevada are as follows:

What are the calculations pertaining to child support?

A. As per the divorce laws in Nevada, the child support amounts are expressed as a percentage of non-custodial spouse's gross income amount.

Number of children Percentage of non-custodial spouse's gross income
4 31
3 29
2 25
1 18

Q. Define some of the basic terms related to Nevada divorce?

A. The divorcing partner, who files for divorce is called as the Plaintiff. The divorcing partner, who is served the divorce papers, is defined as the Defendant.

The document that is used to initiate the divorce process is called as the Complaint for Divorce. The document that is used to grant the divorce is known as the Decree of Divorce.

Q. Which grounds of divorce are acknowledged in this state?


  • Insanity of a partner that has existed for minimum 2 years, before the filing date of the divorce papers
  • Residing apart and separate for 1 year in the absence of cohabitation
  • Incompatibility

Q. Which is the correct place for filing a divorce case?

A. The District Court in the county is the proper place for filing a divorce case. The correct county for carrying out this process is selected as one of the following:

  • Where the divorcing partners last cohabited
  • Where the Plaintiff stays
  • Where the Defendant resides or may be found
  • Where the cause of divorce arose

Q. What are the residency requirements in this state?


  • Minimum one divorcing partner must have lived in this state for minimum 6 weeks before the filing date of the Petition
  • The reason of the divorce must have taken place within the county in this state in which the partners actually resided when the reason of the divorce took place
Evidence that proves the residence in the state has to be furnished to the divorce court. As per the divorce laws, short-term residence can be proved by showing the residential address, utility bills, employment history or driving license.

Q. What is the significance of paternity in this state?

A. Paternity indicates fatherhood. As per the divorce laws in this state, paternity signifies making a biological father a legal one.

Q. Is attending C.O.P.E. classes mandatory in this state?

A. No Nevada Divorce Law makes it compulsory to attend C.O.P.E. classes.

Q. How to proceed from a separation to a divorce?

A. While a couple is undergoing legal separation, the partners have to reside distant and separate, but the marital status is not affected. When 6 months of the legal separation are complete, the couple can claim a divorce.

Q. What is the average time required to complete a Nevada divorce?

A. The duration of divorce is less in this state as compared to the other states. The minimum time that has been observed is 3 months. The average time is usually 4 to 5 months.

Q. What factors does the court consider while deciding visitation and child custody issues?


  • The desires of the parents
  • The desires of the child
  • Whether there has been a history of domestic violence between the parent and the child, one parent and the other, one parent with another person staying with the child.
The Nevada divorce questions and the relevant answers listed above will prove to be helpful to those who are planning to file a divorce in this particular state. Here we have answered questions related to factors that the court would consider before deciding child custody and visitation issues. The legal separation rules in this state are also explained through these questions answers list. The person filing a divorce or the one who is served the divorce notice should be aware about the average time that is needed to complete a divorce in this state.

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