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It is essential to know answers to certain questions before you file a divorce. Divorce being a legal process, you need to be aware about the legal procedure to be followed. Before filing or during the proceedings of your divorce case there will be several questions that will fill your mind. It is essential to be aware about answers to these questions, so that you can file and process your divorce without any difficulty. You might need to know about answers to Pennsylvania divorce questions such as the cooling period in this state, conditions of separation, grounds of divorce, county where you should file for divorce, residency requirement of this state, request for alimony, average time of divorce in this state, simplified divorce procedure etc. Here we have collated a list of important divorce related questions and their answers which you need to be aware about before you file for divorce in Pennsylvania.

The examples of Pennsylvania divorce questions are as follows:

How much is the cooling period in this state?

A.The court grants a divorce 90 days after the divorcing couple has filed for a divorce.

Q.Mention the conditions of separation?

A. There are 2 conditions.

  • The separation must have lasted for minimum 2 years
  • Both the divorcing partners have to forgo all sexual and physical relations

Q. Which grounds of divorce are acceptable in this state?


  • Irretrievable breakdown
  • Institutionalization in mental institution for minimum 18 months
  • If indignities are imposed on the innocent partner due to which the condition of the partner is intolerable and life has become burdensome
  • Imprisonment for minimum 2 years
  • Bigamy
  • Cruel and barbarous treatment due to which the health or life of the innocent partner has been endangered
  • Adultery
  • Willful and malicious desertion for a span of 1 or more years

Q. How to choose the correct venue for initialization of divorce action?

A. Selection of the county should take place as follows:

  • County wherein the Plaintiff or Defendant resides
  • County which the divorcing parties have acceded to in writing
When the county is chosen, the Court of Common Pleas is the proper venue for the divorce case.

Q. What are the residency requirements of this state?

A. Minimum one divorcing partner must have lived in this state for minimum 6 months, immediately before the commencement of the divorce process.

Q. If there are incidences of domestic violence, how should the victim proceed?

A. The victim of domestic violence should approach the local police department for assistance and file a report at the earliest. The local police will guide the victim in the given situation. The other way is to contact the crisis hot-line or domestic abuse shelter.

Q. Which is the proper time to request for alimony?

A. When the divorce is in progress, the person, who desires spousal support, must file a Petition in the court. In no case, once the divorce process is complete, any request for alimony would be entertained.

Q. What is the average time of a divorce process in this state?

A. The average time of a divorce process in this state is 4 to 5 months.

Q. Explain simplified divorce procedure in this state?

A. A divorce that has irretrievable breakdown as its basis can progress in 2 different manners, as follows:

1.Both the divorcing partners file an affidavit which contains the consent of both to divorce. Then, the court waits for a span of 90 days from the date of initialization of the proceeding. On completion of this span, the court might grant the divorce.

1.Both the divorcing partners file an affidavit that mentions that the partners have resided apart and separate for minimum 2 years. Further, the Defendant does not challenge the allegations that are mentioned in the affidavit. If the Defendant does challenge one or more of these allegations, the court concludes that the allegations are true. Either ways, the court might enter a decree of divorce.

Q. Is Pennsylvania an equitable distribution state?

A. Yes. Pennsylvania is a state where division of property between spouses will take place during divorce. It might take place through judicial decree or property settlement.

The Pennsylvania divorce questions list provided above will prove of help to you if you are opting for divorce in Pennsylvania. These vital questions and answers will provide details about the legal procedure that one needs to follow in Pennsylvania to file a divorce then process it further.

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