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Introduction to Robin Givens Divorce Settlement

Robin Simone Givens is a stage, television and film actress in the United States.

Mike or Michael Gerard Tyson is a retired boxer from the United States. Presently, he is the youngest boxer to ever win the IBF, WBA and WBC world heavyweight titles. During his playing days, he was the undisputed world heavyweight champion.

Robin and Mike first met in March 1987. On 7th February 1988, they married one another. They did not draft any prenuptial agreement. At the time of marriage, it was estimated that Tyson was worth 50 million USD. In course of the marital life, Robin and her mother purchased a mansion in Bernardsville, New Jersey that was worth 4.5 million USD.

In May 1988, Robin had a miscarriage. After this incident, the marriage began to drift apart. Tyson made allegations of alienation and more interest in his money than him. On the other hand, Robin made allegations of spousal abuse. On Valentine's Day, their marriage got terminated.

Terms of Robin Givens Divorce Settlement

  • Givens received 10 million USD from Tyson

Although, there were reports that Robin received the above said amount, she has stated that she did not received one dime. After this divorce settlement took place, Robin had to suffer negative press, specifically within the African American community. In one of the articles released during this period, Robin has been described as the most hated woman in America.

Although, this was a divorce settlement between one of the greatest champions in boxing and one of the biggest actresses in Hollywood, it was far from amicable. This couple appeared together in a Barbara Walters interview. Robin disclosed that Mike was an unstable and abusive partner. After such comments were made, Mike exhibited silence over these remarks.

Tyson's post divorce settlement life

On 19th April 1997, Tyson married Monica Turner. This couple had two children as follows.

  • Rayna (Birth date: 14th February 1996)
  • Amir (Birth date: 5th August 1997)

In January 2002, Turner claimed that Tyson had committed adultery and she had not forgiven or condoned him. This marriage was terminated on 14th January 2003.

On 6th June 2009, Tyson married for the 3rd time. This marriage was with Lakiha Spicer. The venue of this marriage was the La Bella Wedding Chapel at the Las Vegas Hilton hotel casino.

Robin's post divorce settlement life

Givens adopted a boy in 1993. Later, she gave birth to a second son with ex boyfriend Murphy Jensen. In 1997, she married Svetozar Marinkovic, her tennis instructor. Unfortunately, on the day of the marriage, both of them separated. Some months later, Robin filed for divorce from Marinkovic.

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