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The situation of divorce arises when the couple is unable to stay with each other due to lack of love, trust and compatibility. This phase can bring about a lot of changes in the life and behavior of the people. Couples usually become depressed and start blaming themselves for all the tragic things that take place in their relationship. After a bad relationship, they are scared of entering another relationship thinking that they might get hurt yet again. The A Rod divorce settlement was one of the most devastating settlements as the terms and conditions set were harsh on both the parties.

It is necessary to take divorce when the couple is unable to stand each other because of their nature and habits. A lawyer is to be consulted before taking the final decision of taking divorce. A lawyer is a person who can explain all the pros and cons of getting divorced to the couple so that they can re-evaluate their decision.

Introduction to A Rod Divorce Settlement

A Rod is the nickname of Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez. He had Dominican parentage but is an American professional baseball player. He is regarded as one of the best all-around baseball players of all time.

Cynthia Rodriguez was born as Cynthia Scurtis. She is a psychology graduate who has gained fame as a reality television personality and as a Mexican singer.

Alex and Cynthia had 6 years of casual dating and they eventually married on November 2, 2002. They have 2 daughters.

  • Natasha Alexander (Birth date: 18th November 2004)
  • Ella Alexander (21st April 2008)
On 2nd July 2008, it was declared that this couple had separated as they were experiencing problems for the previous 3 months. On 7th July 2008, Cynthia filed for divorce after mentioning the following reasons.
  • Extra marital affairs and other marital misconduct by Alex
  • Emotional abandonment of Cynthia and her daughters by Alex

Alex acceded that the marriage was irretrievably broken. However, he had a request that all the allegations pertaining to his extramarital affairs should be deleted from court records. In September 2008, the divorce was finalized.

It shows that in spite of love, people often take the brutal decision of divorce so that they can end the sufferings attached with the relationship.

Terms of A Rod Divorce Settlement

There are various terms and conditions in every type of divorce settlement. These terms and conditions vary from state to state. It is necessary that all the people wishing for a divorce should follow these rules and regulations so as to save themselves from the legal formalities. Listed below is the case of Alexander and Cynthia:

Cynthia, in the divorce petition, claimed that she and her daughters were conversant with a high standard of living and to continue with the same, she was in need of the following.

  • Ownership of the 12 million USD estate in Coral Gables, Florida
  • Reimbursement of legal fees
  • Her car
  • Life and health insurance
  • Child support inclusive of private school tuition
  • Distribution of assets
  • Alimony

On the other hand, Alex requested for a joint custody of the daughters. However, he acknowledged that the daughters would need to spend more face to face time with Cynthia, particularly when he is on the road in course of a baseball season. Due to his heavy traveling schedule, he requested that Cynthia and they should be declared as "co-residential" parents.

Alex did not accede to what Cynthia had demanded in the petition. He declared that he was ready to offer her what was initially drafted in their prenuptial agreement. In case Cynthia would challenge the prenuptial agreement and lose, then she would have to disburse the legal fees of Alex. However, he was willing to pay for the needs of their daughters.

Eventually, this couple finalized that the requirements of the daughters must be placed at the forefront. While raising these daughters, both would try to retain a friendly relationship. On September 19, 2008, both Alex and Cynthia declared that they had drafted a divorce settlement. The terms of this settlement were kept secret. However, it is believed that this was a multi million dollar settlement and Cynthia received a large amount of cash.

Alex's lawyer's quotes

Alan Klug, who was Alex's attorney, made the following statements.

"Cynthia and Alex Rodriguez have amicably resolved their dissolution of marriage proceedings. They deliberately engaged in a private negotiation. This was and remains a personal family matter for both of them. All of their decisions were based upon and guided by the best interests of their daughters."

This type of divorce settlement is best suited for the families as both the partners can decide and negotiate various terms and conditions that are best suited for both of them. For more help in this regard, a recognized lawyer should be consulted so that he can explain the minute details about the same.

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