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When a couple faces a divorce settlement, there are numerous questions that might come into the mind. These may be related to assets, children, lawyers etc. Some of these are enumerated below.

Examples of Divorce Settlement Questions

  • If we do not hire the services of a lawyer, is it possible to alter a divorce settlement?

  • Can one spouse prevent the other spouse from entering the marital residence as per a settlement?

  • Is it mandatory for the ex to adhere to the divorce settlement?

  • Can one spouse have an objection regarding the valuation of an asset in the property settlement?

  • Can the children assist their parents to modify the alimony section of the settlement?

  • Is there any necessity of tracing funds that were utilized to purchase marital property stated in a divorce settlement?

  • What is the procedure to alter a signed settlement agreement?

  • What process does the court use to determine the present value of rental properties?

  • If a divorcing partner does not sign the agreement at the final court date, what are the after effects?

  • If the marital life is less than 1 year, how can the property be divided in a fair manner?

  • What would happen if one of the divorcing partners does to accede to finalize the divorce settlement?

  • When a husband divorces a wife and the wife uses a car that has the title of the husband, can the husband take the car?

  • What are the consequences if the proposed settlement agreement is erroneous?

  • How can a spouse collect alimony that is unpaid?

  • Is it compulsory to pay taxes on the divorce settlement?

  • Is a wife's retirement pension regarded as joint property?

  • Is there any need that an attorney must review the settlement documents?

  • Consider that a wife would inherit property when her mother dies. Can her husband claim any of this property?

  • Can the divorcing spouses draft a binding settlement agreement in the absence of their lawyers?

  • What should a wife do to remove her ex husband's name from the deed as per the divorce decree?

  • Assume that a couple does not have a settlement agreement and presently their case is in a mess. What should be done?

  • Consider that one spouse had helped his / her ex to begin a business. Is this spouse eligible for a part of this business?

  • If a settlement agreement is not filed in the court, can it be considered valid?

  • Can a wife do something to coerce her ex husband to assist in refinance till the martial house is sold off?

  • If an agreement is not a section of the court order, can it be enforced?

  • If the wife has been cheating, what rights is the husband entitled to?

  • Can a verbal settlement agreement be enforced?

  • If a house is in a husband's name for 19 years of marital life, who is more likely to get it?

  • If the divorcing partners cannot reach a settlement, is it compulsory to approach court?

  • Can a husband be eligible for the equity on the residence of his ex wife?

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