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Some marriages are a torture in itself so it is always better to get off such relationship if they do not give any pleasures, but only pain. This gives the couple no options but to file for a divorce. The decision taken by the judge is final and the couple should abide by it. Divorce settlement is a situation that arises at the time of the trial, both the partners can fight for their rights so that they get what they truly deserve. Ellen Barkin divorce settlement was tragic as no one expected that the two would part ways but slowly and steadily things became clear and the two filed a divorce in order to end the suffering.

Various aspects are taken into consideration during the divorce settlement, money, children and all the property acquired during the wedding are divided between the two equitably, which does not mean equally. Equitable distribution means that the things are divided in the best interest of both the parties so that both of them can start their lives anew even after divorce.

Introduction to Ellen Barkin Divorce Settlement

Ellen Rona Barkin is an actress in the United States. Her first marriage took place with Gabriel Byrne, an actor. From this marriage, she has two children as follows:

  • Jack Daniel (Birth year: 1989)
  • Romy Marion (1992)

Ellen and Gabriel separated in 1993 and in 1999 were granted a divorce.

Ronald Owen Perelman is an investor in the United States. He has become a billionaire by purchasing beleaguered corporations and reselling them for considerable gain. His regions of investment include comic book companies, banks, jewelry, lottery, security, camping, television, photography, car, makeup, licorice, cigar and grocery.

In 1999, during a Vanity Fair Oscar after party, Ron met Ellen. This was followed by courtship for a year. In June 2000, both of them got married. They had mutually explosive tempers and a stormy marital life. In early 2006, Ron obtained a divorce.

Terms of Ellen Barkin Divorce Settlement

Different people have made different claims regarding this divorce settlement, which are as follows.

A friend of Perelman has stated that Ron offered 60 million USD to Ellen. This was inclusive of convertible assets. These comprised of the sumptuous gifts he gave her during marital life and were estimated at 35 million USD.

A friend of Barkin insists that Ellen received exactly 20 million USD. By including the gifts to make a 60 million figure, Ron was attempting to inflate the settlement.

Another friend of Perelman who had knowledge regarding the agreement disclosed that Ellen was eligible for an alimony of 3 million USD per year. In contrast, Ellen's friend stated that this amount was 2 million USD.

There was a clause as per which Ron should pay Ellen 5 million USD to buy a house. Ron's friend revealed that as a sign of generosity and good faith, Ron doubled this amount to 10 million USD. One of Ellen's friend confirmed that Ron doubled this amount. However, it was done only after Ellen gave away her share of a jointly owned asset worth 5 million USD.

Happenings one year after the divorce settlement

In December 2007, Perelman had a personal fortune estimated at 10 billion USD. He was the 28th richest person in the United States. On 27th November 2007, Ronald filed litigation against Ellen in Manhattan Supreme Court. In this lawsuit, he claimed that Ellen had drained funds from the film production company of the couple.

Ronald, Ellen and her brother launched Applehead Pictures in 2005. Ronald has stated that during the launch he had invested 0.465 million USD in this company. During August 2007, Applehead sued Ron after an allegation that Ron had failed to invest a further 3 million USD in this company to take care of the operating expenditure of the firm, although he had pledged so.

Comments regarding this divorce settlement

A Post gossip columnist remarked the following.

"This wasn't such a bad deal for both of them. He got a Hollywood name, and she got a lot of great jewelry and cash in the bank. For five years, it was a great investment. You don't necessarily marry a Ronald Perelman for his looks. He's not Kevin Costner, you know."

"To understand their breakup, she says, you have to understand Perelman's track record with women. He tires easily. First he married into the Jewish money, then he married the Jewish princess and got to know the New York money contingent, then he met the Hollywood people through Patricia Duff. Ellen was really a continuation of that. Now, if he married again, it will have to be European royalty. Then he would have had one of everything."

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