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Divorce is a troublesome situation for the people who go through it. It has to be kept in mind that things go wrong between the couple but that does not mean that they will end their relationship. Love and patience are two necessary things in a relationship and even if one of them is missing, marriage becomes a burden and living in it becomes tough for the two. Most of the times people say that the initial years of marriage are tough but later on both the partners start understanding each other and things fall in place. However, the truth is, if love and friendship is disappearing from the relationship, it is time that both of them re-evaluate their relationship. Children should be told about divorce very carefully so that they do not become depressed, instead help their parents go through the painful process of divorce. Celebrity divorces are no different. In fact with the attention they receive, they become more nervous to face the situation. Garth Brooks divorce settlement in one such divorce case.

Garth Brooks and his wife Sandy were married to each other for 14 long years but after 14 years they realized that they were not made for each other. More information about the couple is given below.

Introduction to Garth Brooks Divorce Settlement

Garth Brooks is a country music artist in the United States. In 1989, he released his first album. This was ranked 2nd in the US country album chart and 13th on the Billboard 200 pop album chart. He became very popular as he integrated rock elements in his live performances and recordings.

6 albums released by Garth attained diamond status in America. These are as follows.

  • Double Live (21x platinum)
  • Sevens (10x platinum)
  • The Hits (10x platinum)
  • Ropin the Wind (14x platinum)
  • No Fences (17x platinum)
  • Garth Brooks (10x platinum)

Garth and his wife, Sandy, enjoyed a marital life of 14 years. However, this marriage ended on a sad note. The couple declared that they were going for a divorce on October 9, 2000. However, their relation had been sour for the previous one year. The divorce was finalized in 2001.

It so happened that before the declaration of divorce, Sandy asked Garth to make a choice between her and his music. Garth chose Sandy following which they spent time at their property in Oklahoma. Here, they had a quiet time for about a year and tried their level best to overcome their conflicts. However, they failed to restore issues as they were in the past. At the same time, Garth became the number one solo artist of all times. More than 100 million albums of this artist were sold.

Terms of Garth Brooks Divorce Settlement

  • Sandy received 125 million USD from Brooks

This amount is about half the wealth that Brooks had accrued.

Garth and Sandy had 3 children as follows.

  • Taylor, who was 8 years old at the time of divorce
  • August, a 6 year old
  • Allie, a 4 year old

When Garth declared the divorce, he added that their children were a sensitive issue in the settlement. Both the divorcing partners announced that they were trying to make things simpler and easier for their kids. Both were trying to chalk a plan that would be in the best interests of their children.

Another reason for divorce

It is thought that Trisha Yearwood might have played a role in finalizing this divorce. A year before the divorce between Garth and Sandy was declared, Trisha took a divorce from her then husband, Robert Reynolds. There were some rumors that since then, a relationship was blossoming between Garth and Trisha. The news of this affair was making the tabloid headlines for some period. It was alleged that Trisha could have been the reason for the break up between Garth and Sandy.

After the divorce with Sandy, Garth began dating Trisha. On December 10, 2005, Garth and Trisha married each other at their residence in Oklahoma. This was Garth's 2nd marriage and Trisha's 3rd one. The primary residence of this couple is at a ranch in Owasso, Oklahoma. This is a suburb of Tulsa. In addition to these, they have 2 other residences as follows.

  • A house in Malibu, California
  • A house in Goodlettsville, Tennessee

After getting divorced from Sandy, Garth was worried about his children and he even declared in front of the media that the issue is quite sensitive. The pair talked about the divorce with their children in a way that was not harsh and that both would be present for their children whenever they needed them. After getting married to Trisha, Garth lives a happy life.

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