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No matter how much a person is frustrated with their married life, taking divorce is a tough thing to do. Parting ways from the person who was a huge support in life is not easy. Depression and stress are some of the common outcomes when going through the process of divorce. When misunderstandings grow and love begins to vanish from the relationship, most of the people start double crossing their partners and extra marital affairs blossom. Marriage makes a person complete, he can share his happiness and sorrows with his partner without any doubt but things become tough when peace is the relationship is lost. When it comes to celebrity divorce, Jeff Gordon divorce settlement is one of the most hyped settlement. Theirs was one of the most expensive settlements and finally they came to an agreement in order to settle their problems.

Jeff Gordon and his wife Brooke Sealey were always the much talked about couple and were always seen publicly displaying their affection for each other, but after seven years of married life, the news about their divorce broke out. After seven years of marriage both of them realized that their marriage was not working and there was no harmony in their relationship. During a divorce settlement various things are taken into consideration so that all the matters can be settled. It is the duty of the lawyer to explain all the rules and regulations that are to be kept in mind while filing a divorce. The details of Jeff and Brooke's divorce settlement are given below.

Introduction to Jeff Gordon Divorce Settlement

Jeff or Jeffery Michael Gordon is a professional race car driver in the United States. The highlights of his career are as follows:

  • 4 time NASCAR Winston Cup Series Champion (now named as Sprint Cup)
  • 3 time Daytona 500 winner
  • In 2009, he became the first driver to earn 100 million USD in winnings

When Jeff won a Busch race, he met Brooke Sealey for the first time. Jeff was a professional racer whereas Brooke was a college student. They got married on November 26, 1994 in North Carolina. Their marriage took a negative turn after seven years of peaceful married life and finally Brooke filed for divorce in 2002. The reason for divorce was marital discord.

Terms of Jeff Gordon Divorce Settlement

  • Jeff gave Brooke 15.3 million USD
  • Brooke waived her claim for alimony

Jeff and Brooke underwent a mediation session that lasted for 12 hours. At the conclusion of this session, the divorce settlement was prepared.

When Brooke had filed for divorce, she had demanded the following.

  • An airplane
  • Periodic use of the couple's boats
  • 2 cars
  • Alimony
  • The couple's oceanfront home that was estimated at 9 million USD

As per the court documents Brooke was guaranteed a settlement amount of 15.3 million USD was after having decided to sell 2 properties. One of this was the oceanfront home in Highland Beach, which had an area of 23,095 square feet.

In the initial court filings, Jeff stated that his worth was 48.8 million USD and his earning in the year 2001 were more than 18 million USD. Further, Brooke argued that Jeff was worth more money. Her lawyers stated that Jeff's correct worth should be found by examining the contracts car owners had with drivers and sponsors. Jeff also owned a stake in Hendrick Motorsports.

As per the divorce laws in Florida, the assets that have been bought during marital life needed to be split evenly. Jeff made a statement against this point that he risked his life to amass the assets and hence splitting them evenly is not a correct method.

Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage

Final judgment is given at the time of dissolution of marriage by the judge, so that the couple can settle the things and can start their life anew. The order given by the judge should be followed or else the couple is punished for not accepting the orders.

This judgment was issued in the circuit court of the 15th judicial circuit in Palm Beach County, Florida. The statement had the following information:

  • Jennifer Brooke Gordon: Petitioner
  • Jeffery M. Gordon: Respondent
  • Case No: 2002-DR-2753 FY Family Division
  • This couple does not have any children from this marriage and there is no contemplation of any issue.

Taking divorce was tough for the couple and they underwent various counseling sessions so as to save the marriage, however, the pair finally decided to end the suffering.

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