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Marriages mark the union of two bodies into one soul but the definition of marriages has changed these days. People have become more casual about their relationships and that is why more and more divorces are taking place now-a-days. Phil Collins one of the most acknowledged vocalist and drummers married thrice in search of true love. Orianne was the third lady he married; they both have two sons, but yet they parted ways from each other. Theirs was one of the most expensive divorce and Phil had to pay a huge amount in order to settle their divorce. Phil Collins divorce settlement was one of the most expensive divorce settlements and an introduction about the same is stated below:

Introduction to Phil Collins Divorce Settlement

Phil Collins from England is best known as a solo artist as well as a vocalist and drummer for Genesis, an English progressive rock group. Besides these, he has performed the role of an actor, keyboardist, songwriter and singer.

Phil Collins married three women, but unfortunately none of the marriages could show its magic:

  • He married Andrea Bertorelli of Canada and the marriage lasted from 1975 to 1980
  • His second marriage was with Jill Tavelman and they were in a relationship from 1984 to 1996
  • The third lady in his life was Orianne Cevey and they lived together from 1999 to 2007

Phil had a 5 year romance with Orianne following which they married each other. When they met, Orianne was working as a translator. Their wedding was a lavish 3 day affair in Lausanne, Switzerland. Phil was a host to 300 guests including the likes of Eric Clapton and Elton John. The expenses of this wedding were 0.3 million pounds.

This couple has 2 sons named Matthew (aged 4 at the time of divorce) and Nicholas (aged 8 at the time of divorce). On March 16, 2006, both of them declared that they were separated. In January 2007, their divorce was finalized. They realized that it was becoming tough for the two to stay with each other.

Terms of Phil Collins Divorce Settlement

There are certain terms and conditions that are taken into consideration at the time of divorce. Phil Collins had to pay a huge amount towards settlement:

  • Phil paid Orianne a whooping amount of 25 million pounds, which was equal to 50 million USD at that time

This settlement created a record as the largest divorce settlement ever in Britain in a celebrity divorce. It became obvious that Phil had become accustomed to exorbitant breakups. In 1994, when he ended the relationship with Jill Tavelman, he had paid her 17 million pounds (34 million USD). Thus, if these two divorces were combined, then Phil has lost 84 million USD. This total was one third of his estimated fortune of 280 million USD.

The celebrity divorce settlements in Britain that were ranked below the Phil divorce settlement were as follows:

  • 24.3 million pounds were paid by Sir Paul McCartney to Heather Mills
  • 12.5 million pounds were paid by Chris Tarrant to Ingrid

In 2006, a London stockbroker, John Chapman, offered a 20 million pound divorce settlement to his wife Beverley. However, she refused to accept it. Finally, John had to settle for 48 million pounds. This was the biggest ever divorce payout when Phil divorced Orianne.

Life post divorce settlement

Life surely does change after divorce, as it is not easy to part ways from the person who was so close to the heart. No one thinks on their wedding day that they would be the one's fighting with each other for divorce. Same happened with Phil and Orianne; they were long time lovers and finally filled divorce after they realized that they were not meant for each other.

Phil and Orianne purchased Jackie Stewart's (a racing driver) residence in Bugnins, Switzerland, which was close to Lake Geneva. After the divorce settlement, Orianne continued to live in this mansion. Phil moved to another home close to this mansion. His intention was that he should be close to his sons. After the divorce, Phil divided his time between the residences in Switzerland, New York, and Dersingham, Norfolk - a holiday home.

In 2008, while speaking to the "People Magazine" Phil said that "Marriage is a difficult proposition. But I haven't given up on it, either."

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