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Divorce is the tragic end of a relationship, and thus most of the people become depressed and stressed out after taking divorce from their partner. No matter how hateful the relationship was, it still hurts to be away from the person who was so close to the heart at one point of time. Memories keep on haunting the couples, and therefore it is necessary that the couples take a firm decision after consulting people who are close to them so that they do not regret their relationship after it ends. Robin Williams divorce settlement was a traumatic end of the relationship that he shared with his wife Michelle Tish Carter. It was one of the most expensive settlements and he had to spend a fortune in order to settle things in the best possible way.

Introduction to Robin Williams Divorce Settlement

One of the most loved and recognized person in the United States is Robin McLaurim Williams, who is a comedian and actor. He has won various awards for his great work; some of the awards that he received are listed below:

  • 3 Grammy Awards
  • 2 Screen Actors Guild Awards
  • 3 Golden Globe Awards
  • Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the film "Good Will Hunting" in 1997

He came in the limelight after his role in the TV series "Mork and Mindy" as an alien Mork. On June 4, 1978, Robin Williams married the love of his life, Valerie Velardi. They were blessed with a son, Zachary Pym who was born on April 11, 1983.

During their marital life, he had an extramarital relation with a cocktail waitress, Michelle Tish Carter. In 1986, Michelle claimed that Robin was infected with the herpes simplex virus. He did not reveal this fact to Michelle prior to having sexual relations with her in the mid 80s. During these sexual relations, he transmitted the virus to her. For this reason, Michelle sued Robin but later on the case was settled out of court.

Background of Robin Williams Divorce Settlement

Marsha Garces was Zachary's nanny and during 1989 had sexual relations with Robin. She was several months pregnant with his child and in order to avoid any sort of problem, Williams married her in April 30,1989. The couple has two children, namely:

  • Zelda Rae, a daughter (Birth date: July 31, 1989)
  • Cody Alan, a son (Birth date: November 25, 1991)

In March 2008, Marsha submitted a divorce petition mentioning irreconcilable differences as the grounds of divorce. Their marital life had continued for 19 years and after living together for almost two decades, they realized that their relationship was not working. Marsha stated the following points in the divorce settlement:

  • The physical custody of Cody should be with Marsha
  • Visitation rights of Cody may be awarded to Robin

After about 2 months of filing the divorce petition, the divorcing couples declared that would opt for a Collaborative divorce. This was a relatively new manner of alternative dispute resolution and had the following features:

  • The divorcing partners and their specially trained divorce lawyers would draft a divorce settlement privately
  • One of the conditions were that the divorce settlement would be prepared outside the classroom
  • There would be a written agreement between the parties that they are not willing for litigation so that no problems arise during the settlement

The process of Collaborative Divorce between Williams and Garces

On May 6, 2008, the couple declared the following in their divorce papers:

The Collaborative Divorce between Williams and Garces had the following usual characteristics of a collaborative divorce.

  • Both divorcing partners and their divorce lawyers admitted that if they fail in their negotiations and cannot draft a divorce settlement due to which the divorcing couple has to litigate
  • Due to the above clause, everybody involved in the case got motivated to draft a divorce settlement
  • While drafting the settlement, the expertise of neutral professionals like a child specialist and / or financial advisor were used for assistance
  • The process aimed at the following:
    • Full disclosure
    • The best interests of the children
    • Reaching win-win solutions Reaching a situation that is win-win for both the parties
  • The process discourages any attempts of competing and they did not even try to defeat the opponents

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