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A sample divorce settlement has been described below. However, it must be kept in mind that every specific case is different and the law firm drafts this document to include the particulars of each case. The sample provided below lists some of the details or examples of some of the details that are generally included in the divorce settlement.

Further, this document is included in the Judgment of Dissolution and forwarded to the judge. If the judge is satisfied with this document, it is approved, else rejected.

Contents of Sample Divorce Settlement

  • Name of state, county and court
  • Department and division of the court
  • Name of Petitioner and Respondent
  • The date of entry of this settlement agreement

This divorce settlement witnesses the following.

  • Date and venue of marriage
  • Residency requirements have been fulfilled
  • Details about the children of the parties
  • Name of the court in which litigation is pending
  • Grounds of divorce
  • Whether the parties have hired a lawyer or are pro se

Various sections of Sample Divorce Settlement

Reservation of Rights

It is stated that each party has the right to defend or prosecute any pending action that may be brought for relief under the Marriage Act of the state.


Whether the parties accede to waive the rights they had against each other regarding child support and / or maintenance, except those that have been mentioned in this settlement?

Child Custody and Visitation

Whether the parties are fit and proper individuals to have legal custody of the child? Which parent will have physical custody of the child? How are the visitation rights defined?

Child Support

Who should pay whom the child support amount? What is the amount of child support? Till when should this amount be paid?

Personal Property

All personal property, that has not been included in this settlement, shall be retained by the respective parties.

Other Property

There should be split of the property in divorce by the parties, if it is not a personal property?


Whether both parties have waived their rights to the other party's pension plan, IRA accounts and 401(K) plan?

Life Insurance

Each party would be entitled to the life insurances in their respective names.

Attorney Fees

Each party should be responsible for the respective lawyer fees that have been accrued during the proceedings.

Mutual Releases

Except as otherwise detailed in this agreement, each party releases and relinquishes all claims and rights against the other party and the party's agents, lawyers and servants.

Waiver of Estate Claim

Each party relinquishes and waives all rights to act as the executor or administrator of the estate of the other party.


Each party shall be responsible for the debts that are in their name only.

Finally, both the divorcing partners put down their signatures.

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