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To give a formal meaning and structure to the union among the human beings of the opposite gender, the learned and the highly organized of the humans came up with the concept of tying the association or union in the form of a marriage. To be married means that the man and the woman have now the authority as well as liberty to be together in the same house under the same roof. Human beings unite through the institution of marriage to spend the rest of their lives in the company of each other, sharing each other's joys and sorrows together. They enter this sacred institution with a lot of expectations and hope that come what may they would stick to the company of their spouses. However, not always does this union in the form of a marriage end up in the manner we expect it to and the individuals are seen to not agree on many things and eventually think of breaking apart. Divorce statistics are generally represented by 2 figures as follows:

  • Number of divorce and
  • Divorce rate per 1,000 population
Current Marriage and Divorce Statistics Using these figures, it is possible to draw graphs and give an explanation for the increasing or the decreasing rate of divorce, whichever holds true for the modern times. Then, it becomes possible to view the trends of these two quantities over a period of time. The reason for the increasing trend of most of the marriages ending in a divorce can be put on the introduction of too much of technology into our lives which give us an easy access to members of the opposite gender, and also because of the willingness on the part of people these days to indulge in unwanted sexual relationships. With the easily available access to these two sources, it seems like a distant dream that there is any hope for this trend to come to a decrease or an end in the near future. According to the findings of a reliable source, it has been calculated that as much as 60 to 70 percent of the victims of adultery are women and around 30 to 40 percent are men. Adultery is the voluntary sexual intercourse with a person, who is neither one's husband or one's wife. In the United States, the penalty due to adultery is different from state to state. There is a lot of hurt as well as pain involved in the divorce cases due to adultery.

It seems as if to go for a divorce and break away from all the relationships that one have had through the sacred institution of marriage is nothing much of a big deal in the modern times. However what most of the divorcing couples fail to realize and see is the tremendous amount of pain and torture it brings on the child or the children involved in this divorce case. If all the divorce statistics are anything to believe, then most of these children of divorcing parents grow up with a lot of mental as well as psychological disorders, at times making it completely impossible for them to have their trust in individuals. A knowledge of the divorce statistics might assist in bringing down the rate of divorce among the couples, making them realize its ill effects on the growth of the children, and eventually stopping divorces from taking place. People are grouped as per the following criteria to determine the various trends in divorce:

  • Country
  • Regions or States within a country
  • Religious beliefs
  • Age
  • Instance of marriage
  • Number of children
  • Race and
  • Adultery

Of all these factors, it has been found out that there is no particular rule that from a certain place or a certain age, race or religion, the percentage of divorce cases is greater or lesser, because there are exceptions to every rule with the variations in the attitude as well as mental state of the people. However, according to the findings of the Barna Group, it has been revealed that unlike what we think of the youth of the modern days, they generally are of the view that they would like to stick to one partner and live all their life with him/her. This is something unusual and gives evidence to the fact that there are variations among all the groups when we try to categorize them as having a greater or lesser rate of divorces taking place.

The only thing that can be derived after knowing the divorce statistics is that there is no particular trend that can be observed and arrived at a conclusion. Whatever be the reason of the divorce, the only thing that is obvious is the untold misery it brings to all concerned.

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