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In January 2001, 2844 marriages took place in Alabama and in December 2003, 2962 divorces were registered. This indicates that the divorce lawyer is in great demand. When people plan to opt for divorce to end their marriage, they are unaware about the legal terms related to divorce and the legal procedures that they need to follow. The divorcing partners also need to submit various documents along with their petition. Hence, they need a divorce lawyer to guide them and help them through the judicial separation proceedings. If the couple who is opting for divorce has child or children, then they may need assistance to get the custody of the child. During the divorce proceeding if any issues related to alimony, child custody, and visitation arises then the lawyer provides necessary guideline to their client.

These lawyers can help the prospective clients in the following ways:

  • Researching any alterations in the Alabama judicial marriage law
  • Filing all lawsuits pertaining to divorce
  • Registering the gross assets to be separated
In this state, the usual topics pertaining to the divorce topics are as follows:
  • Annulment
  • Legal Separation
  • Spousal support or alimony
  • Child support
  • Child custody
Documents demanded by an Alabama divorce lawyer

The lawyer needs the documents listed below to start the process of divorce. It is recommended that the applicant begins collection of these documents at the earliest date so that it can be determined which are missing and an application can be made regarding the duplicates.

Personal documents

  • Complete postal address and phone numbers of husband and wife
  • If the couple has any children from their marriage, then the complete name, birth date, postal address, school name and grade of all the children
  • If either spouse had a previous marriage, then relevant data about it inclusive of a divorce decree certified copy
  • If there are any domestic contracts like a prenuptial agreement, then a copy of it is to be included
  • Data regarding any prior legal proceedings between husband and wife and / or including any of their children
  • Detailed information about marriage counseling, any prior separations or trials of reconciliation
Economical documents

  • A roster of gross assets and liabilities of husband and wife
  • Latest pay slip
  • The income tax return of the previous year and pertinent information from the IRS
Grounds for divorce as per Alabama divorce law

The law in this state accepts the following reasons for divorce.

  • Addiction to alcohol or drugs
  • Disparate living for 2 years in the absence of support
  • Crime against nature
  • Abuse of physical sort
  • 2 years imprisonment
  • At the time of marriage, if the wife was pregnant and the husband had no knowledge regarding such an issue
  • Voluntary abandonment for a span of 1 year
  • If marriage breaks down to an irretrievable degree
  • Adultery
  • If either spouse is directed to a mental hospital for a span of 5 years and there is no possibility of recovery
  • Incurable physical incapacitation during marriage
  • Temperaments of both are totally incompatible
The Alabama divorce lawyers have to ascertain that some requirements regarding jurisdiction and residence are fulfilled. Either of the spouses must have stayed in the state for at least 6 months or both must be presently residing in the state.

Currently, most of the lawyers in this state are busy in no-fault divorces on basis of incompatibility and irretrievable breakdown. As per the statute, these are 2 different grounds, but we often observe that lawyers use these terms interchangeably.

Divorce Attorneys Skills

The divorce attorney should have experience of assisting divorcing people with contested as well as uncontested divorce. They must have thorough knowledge about divorce appeal, mediation, and negotiation. The divorce attorney should also be proficient in handling complex property related issues during such cases. They should have complete knowledge about various laws related to child custody, alimony, and visitation rights.

The Alabama divorce lawyers should have keen knowledge about divorce laws and procedures. They should be able to guide their clients appropriately. The divorcing partner might be unaware about the grounds of divorce, the waiting period or the minimum residency requirements. The lawyer should provide guideline to the client regarding all their queries. The rules and regulation in every state vary; hence the divorcing couple might need to know about the divorce laws in Alabama, if they are planning to file a divorce in this state. Guidance related to all such queries should be provided by the divorce attorney. To save money, the divorcing partners might think about hiring the same lawyer but it is advisable to hire separate lawyers to represent the divorcing couple.

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