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It is advisable for the divorcing couple to resolve their issues related to their divorce by directly discussing it with their spouse. However, if the couple is not able to resolve their issues, then it is crucial that they take the assistance of an Alaska divorce lawyer who can guide them throughout the process and enable them to achieve desired result. The divorcing couple needs to understand the importance of choosing an suitable attorney, who can understand the complexity of their case and provide correct guidance to them. During the proceedings of the case, the divorcing partners might need counseling or their children might need counseling, the lawyer must be able to provide counselor in such with the approval of the court.

The sponsored lawyers deal with all aspects of the divorce, beginning from the first consultation to the final divorce decree. These lawyers handle the following:

  • Division of property
  • Debt arrangements
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Child custody
Grounds of divorce handled by Alaska divorce lawyer

As per the Alaska divorce law, a divorce can be granted for the following reasons:

  • determined desertion for a span of 1 year
  • after the marriage if either spouse becomes addicted to cocaine, morphine, opium or any identical drug
  • conviction of a criminal act
  • incurable mental illness leading to confinement in some institution for a span of minimum 18 months immediately preceding the start of the action (as per the divorce law, the grant of the divorce does not change in any way the status of the maintenance and support of the mentally ill person)
  • adultery
  • since marriage if either of the spouse is habituated to gross drunkenness and this habit has been in existence 1 year prior to the start of the action
  • if at the time of marriage there is failure to consummate the marriage and this is continued at the start of the action
  • the temperaments of the spouses are incompatible
  • life has become onerous due to personal indignities
  • inhuman and cruel treatment from either spouse intended to endanger life or affect health adversely
Distribution of property in Alaska

The divorce law in the state can divide the marital property in an equitable fashion. The word equitable does not essentially mean equal and in a 50:50 manner, but indicates a fair division. In Alaska, a signed Marital Settlement Agreement is used to settle property and debt issues. Alternatively, the property award is ordered and the Superior Court issues a decree. It may happen that the parties fail to make a settlement. In this case, a discovery process is carried out to decide the debt and property that is to be categorized as marital. This property is then allocated a monetary value and eventually the court offers these marital assets to the two members equitably. The court takes a decision regarding this issue on the basis of the financial state of the two parties, the earning capacities of the parties, the health and age of the members and the length of the marriage.

Requirements of residency

Before approaching a divorce lawyer in this state, one must ensure beforehand that they are a resident of this state, when the filing of divorce takes place. Those who are serving in the United States government in a military branch and have been stationed at an installation or military base in the state of Alaska for minimum 30 days may approach such a lawyer.

Documents that the Alaska divorce lawyers may demand

The lawyer will ask their client to submit a copy of some essential documents that need to be provided in the court during the hearing. Here we have mentioned a list of documents that the lawyer might ask their clients to get:

  • Document which has details of spouses postal address and phone number
  • In case, the divorcing couple have children from this marriage, then the name, postal address, birth date, name of the school, and the school grades
  • A copy of the divorce decree of both or any one partner if they have any previous marriages
  • The details of prenuptial agreement, if any such agreement was signed between the divorcing couple
  • Document containing details about any previous legal proceedings between the divorcing couple or any legal proceeding with reference to their children
  • Document that provides proof about prior separation, marriage counseling, attempts of reconciliation etc.

The Alaska divorce lawyers should be able to provide required legal assistance to their clients and guide them appropriately during the divorce process. All the issued related to divorce should be discussed with the attorney by the client.

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